At its best, your Salesforce database is capable of connecting customers, sales and marketing in a way that transforms the experience for all. At its worst, your Salesforce database is the culprit in the cases of lost revenue, poorly handled customers, decreased productivity, and damaged brand reputation. For better or for worse, your Salesforce database plays an undeniable role in the success of your organization.

52% of surveyed Salesforce Admins report that improving productivity and operations within their business is the most important part of their role; 23% say that helping their organization make better decisions is top priority.

These responsibilities go hand in hand and are directly correlated to the quality of the data in Salesforce. DMS Duplicate Prevention for Salesforce revolutionizes the way Salesforce Admins work by centralizing all the data quality tools necessary for successful data management.

With DMS Duplicate Prevention, you can:

Normalize: Set standards for the fields in your database and run batch processing to ensure standard values across your system. We use our patented normalizer technology and incorporate intelligent fuzzy matching to identify and modify appropriate record values.

Deduplicate: Use best-in-class matching rules for deduplication, allowing you to customize the logic to determine which records are considered duplicates. DMS also features virtually limitless flexibility in defining rules for surviving field values for the master record to ensure no valuable data is lost in a merge.

Prevent Duplicates: Employ complete perimeter protection using List Import, Web Submissions and Unique Entry.

  • Drop large lists in DMS using List Import without the headache of creating duplicates.
  • Use Web Submissions to prevent duplicates from Salesforce web forms beyond an exact email match.
  • Receive as-you-type duplicate alerts through Unique Entry when manually entering new records.

Both List Import and Web Submissions allow you to link a new Salesforce Lead to a matching Account to enable Salesforce to route the Lead based on the Account fields or automatically convert the Lead to a Contact for specific Accounts (i.e. Customers or Open Opportunities)

Verify: Identify domains associated with malicious and suspicious networks and reduce email bounces and delivery failure by 97% or more.

Enrich: Enrich blank fields on existing records in your database or on new records during a List Import or through Web Submission. DMS Data Enrichment appends up to 40 data points including company size, revenue, social media links and phone numbers to your records.

You work hard to clean and maintain your database. We can help make your job easier.

Request a free duplicate analysis from RingLead today. 

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