Delivering generic sales and marketing pitches to anyone who will listen is as effective as standing on a crowded NYC corner and handing out flyers to every person who walks by.  

The reality is, as many as 5,000 advertisements a day cross the average buyer. Capturing their attention, whether you’re a marketer producing web content, or a sales rep shooting off emails, requires a deep understanding of who your customers are.  

Enhancing Buyer Personas with Enriched Data

The good news? Developing buyer personas with the help of a data enrichment provider like RingLead is simple.

Data enrichment adds valuable data points to your existing database, allowing you to develop robust buyer personas that cover everything from career trajectory, industry, and personal interests, to hobbies, preferred social media platforms and education level. Combined with valuable feedback from your customer facing employees, website clicks and social media analytics, enriched data is the foundation of a sound buyer persona. [ingagehub_campaign id=”8″ default_token=”PPL2-AKX2-WDEF-YMNN”]DMS Enrichment[/ingagehub_campaign] [ingagehub_attachment id=83]Are you interested in improving your buyer personas with enriched data?[/ingagehub_attachment]

Creating robust buyer personas will allow you to clearly define your target customers and tailor sales and marketing content accordingly. Once you have your personas in place, it’s useful to create a few identifying questions that your reps can use during an initial interaction with a lead. These key questions will allow your reps to quickly identify which persona a lead fits into, and how to best sell to that persona.

Here are a few key ways to leverage buyer personas:

  • Call Scripts: Create different call scripts for each persona to enable your sales reps to better sell and connect with a lead.
  • Lead Generation: Share buyer personas with your inside sales team to ensure that they source quality leads likely to convert to opportunities.
  • Automated Lead Nurturing Campaigns: Assign personas to leads to segment leads into tailored email campaigns based on persona and stage of sales cycle.
  • Tailor Blog Content: Diversify your approach to blogging to engage with different personas. Intertwine graphic-centric posts and helpful lists, with long-form and vlog posts to reach more personas.
  • Track Behavior of Personas: Use a pick-list field in your CRM to track the behavior of your personas and how they engage with different products and services. These powerful insights should drive future campaigns and investments. 

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RingLead’s data scientists leverage your existing data and combine it with our own proprietary technology, as well as multiple 3rd party data sources, to provide the best matches and fill rates in the industry. We append up to 40 points of company and contact data to your records, bridging the gap between who you think your customers are, and who they actually are. Call us at+1 (888) 240-8088 to learn more about how enriched data can strengthen your buyer personas, and schedule a demo with a RingLead data scientist today. [ingagehub_submit]

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