Enrichment Fill Rate ReportsRingLead emphasizes customer satisfaction above all else and thus, we’re always upgrading our products to make sure that getting your data back in working order is as simple and efficient as possible.

In this update for RingLead DMS Enrichment, we’ve added a fill rate report, which shows our users how well our products are working by providing data on how many records have been modified in DMS Enrichment, List Import and Web Submission.


Here’s what’s inside:


This is where the entirety of the data enrichment process will be displayed, along with all records that have been modified. It includes the total records enriched, the total enrichment credits used, the total emails verified, the total number of data points processed by enrichment tasks, the fill rate per field before and after enrichment and the fill rate of net new data points.

Mapped Fields:

This section shows which fields have been modified for enriched records. It includes a “matched” section for confirming that Salesforce or list data is up to date, an “overwrite” section to indicate those Salesforce values that are currently out of date and ready to be rewritten and a “new” section, which indicates data points that were empty before the enrichment process.

Unmapped Fields:

This section shows newly gathered data points that weren’t given to any existing field in a Salesforce record. This is divided between unmapped direct dial phone numbers and other new firmographic information.


And for those who don’t already have RingLead DMS Enrichment that are reading this, you could be eligible for a free trial of the industry’s only full stack data management solution, which can enrich all of your preexisting and incoming data for Salesforce and Marketo.

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