Software Advice recently released a report from 304 CRM software users about their current CRM solution.

21 Eye-Opening Statistics About CRM UsersThe study seeks to learn where users are investing in CRM, and their best and worst CRM experiences. I encourage you to read the full report, but here are some eye-opening stats and takeaways from the findings.

Stats on CRM Access

86% access their CRM with laptops
81% use multiple types of devices
76% access their CRM with desktops
49% use at least three different devices to access their CRM
48% access their CRM with a smartphone or tablet

Stats on CRM Spending

47% plan to increase spending on help desk and customer service software
42% plan to increase spending on marketing automation
39% plan to increase spending on sales force automation
37% plan to spend more on social media platforms for business
37% of CRM users are expecting to spend more on knowledge management

Stats on CRM Satisfaction & Adoption

61% cited security or privacy was not a challenge whatsoever
37% of respondents with 100 employees or less are very satisfied with their CRM
35% of respondents with 500 employees or more are very satisfied with their CRM
34% said that end user adoption was a moderate challenge
26% were somewhat unsatisfied or very unsatisfied with their CRM

Stats on CRM Integration & Customization

56% said they faced major or moderate challenges when customizing their CRM
49% said they faced challenges when integrating it with other technologies
26% find CRM customization and integration a major challenge

Stats on CRM Data Access

74% said their CRM offered improved access to customer data
37% said importing data into their CRM was a moderate challenge
33% said their CRM delivered improved relationship management

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21 Eye-Opening Statistics About CRM Users

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