At the core of every company is a foundation of values, behaviors and expectations that dictate the way a company is run; in other words, a culture. Every company has one, but every company’s is different from the next. A performance-based culture is one type of culture that is becoming increasingly popular because of the way it incentivizes and rewards employees for meeting and exceeding their goals and objectives. Here are the top four things that make up an exceptional performance-based culture that will attract top talent for your organization.

  1. Monthly goals and objectives- The first step in creating a performance-based culture is setting monthly goals and objectives for each employee. Expectations should be hard, but attainable, and set by an employees manager or supervisor so that the employee doesn’t make their own goals too easy to achieve. Goals that are too difficult will leave an employee feeling frustrated and defeated before they even start working. Managers and supervisors then have the responsibility to sit with their employees at the end of each month to review their expectations and make proper adjustments for the next month.
  2. Transparent Metrics- Metrics enable managers and supervisors to fairly track growth over a period of time. Even though employees may not achieve their goals right away, being able to see how much they are improving month over month can aid supervisors in understanding where their employees need additional assistance to help them reach their goals moving forward.
  3. Rewards and Incentives- After receiving their goals and objectives, employees need rewards and incentives to reach those goals. Rewards can include bonuses, commission, e-gift cards, paid days off, free lunches, happy hours or anything that would be of value to your employee based on your specific company. Another popular incentive can be stock options. Stock options are a great way to give employees a small piece of ownership in your organization and help your team work towards one collective goal of overall success for the company. When everyone has a stake in the company, it encourages the whole team to chip in and do their part because when the company is successful, the employee is successful.
  4. Ample and Consistent Training- All employees, regardless of their title, should be required to participate in monthly trainings to build on known strengths, and tap into hidden ones. Trainings should be job specific, but also based on your company’s products and services, company policies and procedures and general business or industry specific knowledge. It is important that employees have access to trainings year round to ensure they experience continuous professional growth, and to position them to  reach their goals.

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