Despite the evolution of social media, many marketing professionals maintain that email is still the most important channel of communication for their business. 

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DMS Duplicate Prevention is the only real-time duplicate prevention for Marketo that also verifies email addresses, normalizes incoming data, and enriches blank fields.

When a new prospect is created in Marketo, the prospect flows through the RingLead Webhook where RingLead searches for an existing Lead or Contact in Salesforce based on user-defined matchers. From there, RingLead can update the existing Lead or Contact, add a Lead to an existing Account, or convert a Lead to a Contact on a matching Account.

The value of maintaining a duplicate-free database cannot be overstated. Money aside, duplicates will cost you your brand’s reputation, customer relationships and valuable time. 60% of data scientists spend most of their time cleaning and labeling data, according to CrowdFlower. DMS Duplicate Prevention for Marketo will dramatically reduce this time by allowing your team to automate data quality using one sophisticated, centralized tool.

Think you can simply rely on Marketo’s duplicate prevention? Think again. Marketo only detects exact email matches, leaving your database completely exposed to tens of thousands of duplicates.

Consider this: 

John Smith fills out a web form as He then signs up for a trade show using

A duplicate is created; the chaos begins.

  1. Deflated Email Open Rate – You’re now emailing the same person twice. John opens one email on his primary account, but disregards the second as he immediately identifies the email as a duplicate by the subject line. You’re open rate for John is now 50%. Multiply this by the thousands of duplicates in your database and theimpact on your overall open rate is startling.
  2. Low Lead-Sale Conversion Rate – John becomes a customer. Your Lead-Sale conversion rate for John is now 50%. The more duplicate Leads that you have, stagnant and decaying in your databases, the lower your Lead-Sale conversion rate becomes.
  1. Damaged Brand Reputation – John Smith ( is now a customer. John Smith ( is not. You send John ( a well-crafted email asking for a demo of a product he already owns.This is may sound like a minor incident, but this makes your company look unprofessional, disorganized, and can quickly turn off prospects and users to your organization.

The research on bad data is clear: duplicates have no place in your database.

Start identifying duplicates today with a FREE duplicate analysis from RingLead. 

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