It’s official – RingLead has been awarded 9 badges in G2’s Winter 2021 Report thanks to our dedicated customers

Written by Rachel Chinapen on December 15, 2020

RingLead is honored to be awarded 9 badges in the Winter 2021 G2 Grid Report, maintaining its position as Overall Leader in Mid-Market Data Quality, and securing new badges in categories like Lead-to-Account Matching, Account-Data Management, and Market Intelligence. This marks the 8th consecutive quarter RingLead has been recognized by G2 in its quarterly report. G2 is a peer-to-peer business solutions review website, leveraging customer feedback to rank the best business software and services. 

Last quarter we released over a dozen customer-driven features as part of our continued effort to empower users to remain confident and agile when managing their data. In addition to new badges, we were thrilled to see our satisfaction ratings increase across categories, validating that we are executing on our core goal to deliver the best in class product, with the best in class customer support on the market.

Most recently, we’ve turned our attention to empowering businesses to drive a better buyer’s experience by removing the all-too-common friction that results from an inaccurate, incomplete and delayed lead assignment. In particular, we’ve focused on introducing features like Draggable Routing Rules and a Process Flow Diagram to make complex lead assignment processes easier to manage and adapt on the fly. 

“Our position as a high performer in G2’s new category, Lead-to-Account Matching reinforces the premium we place on how leads are routed, and the critical role lead routing plays in any intelligent data orchestration program,” said Russ Artzt, Executive Chairman at RingLead. “We were also thrilled to be awarded new badges for Usability and Relationship this quarter as our team has been laser focused on improving the usability and adaptability of our platform, as well as introducing more product education and live training.”

Here’s a rundown of our latest G2 badges:

Winter 2021 Data Quality

  • Leader
  • Implementation
  • Usability
  • Relationship

Winter 2021 Data Quality Enterprise

  • Leader

Winter 2021 Mid-Market

  • Fastest Implementation

Winter 2021 Account Data Management

  • High performer

Winter 2021 Market Intelligence

  • High performer 

Winter 2021 Lead-to-Account Matching

  • High performer

Winter 2021 Overall:

  • Users Love Us

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I would need 5 different softwares to accomplish what I can in the RingLead platform

Very sophisticated.  I was able to remove over 400,000 duplicates in less than a day.

RingLead Routing improved conversation rates on high priority MQLs by over 50%

RingLead’s synergy with Lead to Account matching, enrichment, & segmentation gave us a wholistic view of our ICPs

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RingLead is an enterprise software company that allows businesses to maximize the efficiency of their data. RingLead offers the industry’s only unified data orchestration platform that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle, and many other CRM and Marketing Automation platforms. RingLead enables businesses to connect their sales and marketing databases into a unified, complete record, breaking down business silos, providing businesses with a single source of truth from every angle, ultimately leading to more efficiency, more revenue, and improved data governance/compliance. RingLead is currently led by Russell Artzt as Executive Chairman and Head of R&D (formerly co-founder & head of R&D of Computer Associates–the first billion dollar software company, sold to Broadcom for $18.9 billion in 2018). Under Artzt, RingLead has transformed into a true enterprise software company, adding a variety of Fortune 500 clients to its 700 plus customers.