Direct dials phone numbers can have an immediate impact on your sales.

Why are we talking about this? Why is it important today? Back in 2010, you could get someone on the phone about 10% of the time. Those connection numbers are dropping. Today, in 2017, sales reps are reporting a connection rate in the single digits.  

The first advance is a simple concept: Upon the very first outreach, how often do you get ANY movement forward?  

The History of the “First Advance”

The numbers don’t look good for sales. It now requires more calls and longer hours just to keep the same metrics from the previous year.

RingLead has the answer.  

For 10 years RingLead collected data from sales reps. In our live webinars we polled sales and listened. Having a successful first advance is the reason we built DMS Capture.    

Are you ready for 6X results vs calling the main corporate number?
New in both our DMS (Data Management Solution) platform and DMS Capture (chrome extension). RingLead has added direct dial and mobile phone numbers.

Why do you need direct dials ?

  • In a competitive market, the efficient exploration of every opportunity is crucial to bottom line revenue.
  • Opportunities to engage via phone are reducing due to automated systems and trained gatekeepers.
  • While advances in technology are closing some traditional phone-sourcing doors, others are being opened.

Call us today at 1-888-240-8088 for a free personalized demo of RingLead’s DMS Capture. 


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