In a previous post, Understanding Email Validation, we covered why email validation is important and what you can do to increase your increase the number of validated email addresses you receive. But what happens if you don’t validate your emails? The answer is manifold. Here are a few consequences of not validating your emails:

  • Your average delivery rate for emails will plummet.
  • Otherwise good records in your CRM, or marketing automation systems will decay leading to lost opportunities, and deleted or wrongfully merged records.
  • Your sender score will decrease. The average acceptance rate for a sender score of 91 or greater is 88%. Having even 1% of your list contain bad emails can drop your deliverability by over 10% (Source: ReturnPath).
  • Sales scalability suffers because it’s harder to get a conversation when your email is going to the wrong location.
  • Bad emails, which are rightfully used as a unique identifier, cause leads to be routed and merged incorrectly.
  • Increased consumer complaints. When too many consumers use the “mark as spam” option in gmail, it results in a high complaint rate that signals to mailbox providers that the sender’s content is unwelcome and should be sent to spam.
  • Unknown users. An unknown user is an email address that never existed, has been terminated by the mailbox provider, or was abandoned by the mailbox user. Sending to unknown users is perceived by email servers as having poor list management, which negatively impacts sender reputation.
  • Spam traps. These are valid email addresses that are not associated with an actual person and are used to identify spammers.

Consumer complaints, unknown users, spam traps, list decay and all the other pitfalls that hurt your sender score when sending emails, can be avoided by using an email validation tool. Email validation is one component of RingLead DMS. RingLead DMS is a comprehensive data management platform that can clean, dedupe, enrich, normalize and validate your data to maximize sales and marketing initiatives. RingLead’s Intelligent Web Forms can help you validate your emails by correcting common typos and errors, providing normalized and streamlined data.

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