How in the World Do I Get a Promotion?Everybody dreams of doing more. You could be jobless one day, be CEO of a company the next and still feel like you want more. In the business world, this translates directly to the nine letter word that everybody loves to hear, but is afraid to say out loud: “promotion.”

But let’s be honest? Who doesn’t want a promotion?

Yeah, it’s a little more work, but you’ll be making more, have more opportunities and have an even nicer resumé at the end of the day. But of course, as such a taboo word in the office, how does anybody even get a promotion? You know asking about it is a sure way to upset your boss and you know that even if your boss mentions it to you, it might be little more than a daily motivator that’s, more likely than not, going to end in a broken promise.

Below we’ve written up some tips on how to make sure your company knows you deserve a promotion and how to secure that promotion once its on the table:

Utilize company resources:

The higher you go in a company, the more you’re going to have to know about its internal processes. A salesperson can’t get by in an executive position without knowing how the sales team interacts and operates with the marketing, development and operations teams. If your company has the resources that might help you better understand how everything works as a cohesive unit, absolutely use them.

Even something as small as lending a helping hand or a useful idea to a department of the company you’re not involved in can go a long way to your boss and help your coworkers realize that you deserve to be higher up the ladder.

If your company offers additional training, always take it to be constantly getting better at your job. You should even take a stab at doing some training that’s outside of your department, as it’ll show additional investment in the future of the company.

Get certified:

If your company has products that require certification to use, pursue that certification if you don’t already have it. Nothing helps with pushing product more than saying “the people in charge of this product said I’m overqualified to use it.”

Again, this goes back to putting in an extra step that’s going to help the people you spend 40 hours a week around realize that you want more out of the company than they’re currently giving you.

Even if it isn’t related to one of your products, spend a couple extra hours out of the week taking a course that’s relevant to your profession. It might not directly get noticed by your boss, but the extra certification will always look nice on your resumé. If you prove your case on how it’s going to make you better at your job, your company might even pay for the certification if there’s an attached course fee.

Know your expectations like the back of your hand– and exceed them:

It’s okay to ask, “what should I be doing now?” for the first few months of a new job. But when you approach your hiring anniversary and you’re still bothering your boss for instructions, you’re going to be nothing more than the clown who can’t think for themselves in your boss’s head.

It’s your job to know what you should be doing at all times and like with any task you want recognition for, you’re going to need to do more than you’re expected to do.

Exceeding expectations is the absolute quickest way to get noticed and to get that promotion.

And if you’re looking for a company that’s going to reward hard work and offer an incentive to work heard, leading to internal advancement, RingLead is hiring.

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RingLead also has a culture of filling higher-up positions from within our offices, rather than looking for outside talents.

If you think a performance-based culture that rewards effort and diligence might be right for you, then consider applying to RingLead today.


How in the World Do I Get a Promotion?

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