Six-figure salaries are no longer reserved for sales directors. In 2017, inside sales reps have the potential to earn over 100K in the first year.

Unlimited earning potential, a clear career trajectory and the opportunity to gain highly transferable skills make a career in inside sales appealing to many. A position formerly reserved for cold calling, inside sales is now a complex and rewarding position in its own right. In addition to lining up big deals for senior sales reps, many companies employ inside sales professionals to prospect, qualify leads, demo and close, all from the office. Web conferencing enables reps to illustrate the effectiveness of products from virtually anywhere, changing the way things were once done.

Did you know? 55% of people making their living in sales don’t have the right skills to be successful. Successful sales reps are persistent, calculated and self-motivated. 

Of course, the real allure of inside sales is the potential to enter field sales where the deals are bigger, and so is the bank. Until then, here are five ways you can earn over $100,000 in your first year as an inside sales rep.  

  1. Pick a company with products you can learn and get behind. One thing all successful sales reps have in common is that they refuse to sell a product they don’t believe in. In order to sell a decision maker on a product, you have to first sell yourself. When being interviewed for an inside sales position, you’re also interviewing the company. If the interviewer cannot concisely explain what problem their product solves, and how–run! Finding the right company is half the battle of earning more in an inside sales role.
  2. Find a mentor. As an inside sales rep you will be working with at least one other senior sales rep. Take the time to absorb all the best practices and tips from veteran sales reps in your industry. Learn the pain points of customers, hard hitting statistics and any other tools that you can leverage to develop your own selling process.
  3. Embrace metrics and measurement. Metrics and measurement allow you to see what works, what doesn’t, and what’s worth repeating. Measure everything involved in your sales process from the calls and emails stage, to the close. By creating your own proven process, you will be able to find a rhythm that works for you. Remember: consistency allows for scale and growth.
  4. Listen more than you speak. A great salesperson listens 80% of the time and speaks only 20% of the time. Plan what questions you are going to ask in advance, and what points you need to get across, before any interaction with a buyer. Practice. Practice. Practice!
  5. Ask about commission and opportunities for advancement. Before joining a sales team, find out what their commission structure is, and how long it takes an inside sales rep to move to the field. The more responsibilities they give you upfront, the more opportunities for growth and advancement. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a position that pays you commission on deals you help your director close. Even luckier? You’ll land a position that pays you commission every year that a customer you closed renews. The commission structure at your company is a major factor in hitting your $100,000 goal–so do your research!

Considering a position in inside sales? RingLead is currently expanding its inside sales team by 20! We are at the center of the explosive data management industry and offer core products you can learn and sell with conviction. Why? Our products work (just ask our customers on the Salesforce AppExchange!). We offer competitive base, uncapped commission, commission on renewals, and commission on all deals that you help your director close. An inside sales rep can advance to a senior account executive or a director of sales within 12-24 months upon consistently meeting outlined expectations. An added bonus? While we pride ourselves on our performance-based culture, we also know how to have fun at our regular happy hour with the team!
If all of the above sounds appealing to you–you just may be a fit for an inside sales role at RingLead. Please email your resume and a cover letter conveying your interest in RingLead to Talent Acquisition Specialist Jenna Costanzo at 

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