There’s no question about it – Account-Based Marketing is back in the spotlight! 

While Account-Based Marketing is not a new concept, innovative technology that allows sales and marketing teams to efficiently implement ABM strategies, like our own, puts ABM back on the map.

RingLead Data Management Solutions makes it easier than ever for B2B marketing and sales departments to collaborate and navigate the delicate process of targeting and cultivating companies. With DMS, you can easily build a sphere of influence around your target contact role, gaining access to more points of entry.

  1. Improve Account-based Lead matching and Lead and Contact routing
  2. Configure limitless matching algorithm to match Accounts to Lead for your specific company’s requirements
  3. Link every Marketo lead to the right Salesforce Accounts and add all Account fields to the Marketo lead, marketing now has access to all of the company information
  4. Generate complete reports with granular information about companies, customers and prospects with firmographic and contact append
  5. Improve metrics in CRM and marketing automation by tracking percentage of Leads from target Accounts engaging with marketing channels
  6. Convert Leads to sales Contacts if linked to target Accounts, customer Accounts, Accounts with open Opportunities and other specific Accounts
  7. Standardize data for market segmentation into persona profiles, verticals and territories by appending and validating firmographic data
  8. Business Development Representatives or Sales Development Representatives own auto-converted Leads for specific Accounts
  9. Keep your database clean and dupe free with duplicate prevention
  10. Alert sales representatives when there is a new Lead linked to a target account and convert the Lead to a Contact

With DMS, all of the tools you need to implement a meaningful ABM strategy can be found in one sophisticated, cloud-based application. DMS will be released on April 1.

For more information, or to beta test the platform, please email Todd Schmitt at

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