Knowing how your company uses data to support its objectives is great. But it’s about as useful as shoes to a snake if you can’t get the data into an accessible and useful format (that is, one that works in both your Salesforce and Marketing Automation Platform!). The best way to assess data quality is to look at the data. 

For example, let’s say every department at your company was tasked with using Salesforce as the source of truth for data. After talking with managers and reps across departments, you know that’s true. But the best way to build your case for investing in data quality is to review the data in your Salesforce and MAP. Once the execs see the data gaps in your systems, they’ll be sure to prioritize data quality. So, if the proof is really in the pudding, just how do you make the pudding?

Data quality has several key attributes. It’s important to understand these dimensions before you try to fix any data problems. (We dive into how to fix your data problems in the next article.)

Understand data quality dimensions to effectively assess your data quality

Thinking about all the work needed to generate these reports is giving you a headache. You’re getting ready to start researching tools to assess your data quality when you land on the Salesforce AppExchange. Turns out there’s a variety of packages that assess the quality of your data across various dimensions. In just a few clicks, you have access to a plethora of reports and dashboards.

A few AppExchange packages you land on and really like are Field Trip, Dupe Dive, RingLead Data Quality Platform, and the Data Quality Analysis Dashboards App

Ready to go ahead and actually install and run these comprehensive apps in your own organization?

It’s pretty simple, take a look:

Install and Run Field Trip to Start Analyzing the Completeness of Your Data

Here are the steps for installing Field Trip from the AppExchange. For detailed instructions, check out the Usage Guide.

Assess your data quality with easy to use Salesforce AppExchange apps like Field Trip. Watch the video to learn more.

When you run the Account, Contacts & Opportunities dashboard, here’s what you see:

Assess your data quality with easy to use Salesforce AppExchange apps like Field Trip.

According to the dashboards, this company’s data is missing a high percentage of data in field values that are critical for their business objectives. Luckily, The DataExchange can help identify trustworthy data providers to help the business fill those gaps and improve its data quality score. 

Install and Run Dupe Dive to Analyze your Lead, Contact, and Account Objects

Install and run Dupe Dive to analyze your Lead, Contact, and Account Objects and identify the total number of duplicates wreaking havoc on your database. You can also compare Leads versus Contacts, and identify the number of Leads in your system that haven’t been converted to Contacts at their matching Accounts. 

For detailed instructions on installing Dupe Dive from the AppExchange, check out this Help Center.

If you want to know the number of duplicates on any Custom Object, you can sign up for a free trial of RingLead’s data orchestration platform start cleaning up your dirty data. 

Leverage RingLead’s Data Orchestration Platform to Create a Data Quality Report Card and Execute a Treatment Plan

Install and run The RingLead Data Orchestration Platform to benchmark the quality of your data. Here are detailed instructions for installing RingLead Data Orchestration Platform from the AppExchange. 

Analyze any object for:

  • Duplicates
  • Lead-to-Account matches
  • Field Fill Rates
  • Email, Phone, and Address Validation
  • Consistency across field values
  • Marketing Territory Segments
  • ICP Analysis and Scores

Not only can you analyze the health of your data with RingLead. You can also enforce actions across global sets of data, as well as in real time on new data. 

Install and Run the Data Quality Analysis Dashboards App

Here are the steps for installing the Data Quality Analysis Dashboards App from AppExchange. For detailed instructions, check out the Application Installation Guide.

When you run the High Level Data Quality Analysis dashboard, here’s what you see:

Assess your data quality with easy to use Salesforce AppExchange apps.

The Dashboards give you insight into the quality of Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities. It’s a great app to run along with RingLead’s Data Orchestration platform because it will help you visualize how the quality of your data has improved over time.


Once you understand the quality of your data, if you’re like most businesses, you’ll find there’s a lot of information missing that you need to solve business objectives. It’s not always easy to find data providers that can offer industry-specific information you need to drive you business. Check out this Data Buying Guide and visit The DataExchange to pair yourself with the right partners for your business. If you need help finding vendors, contact RingLead today and we’ll help you build out your RFP. 


About the Author: John Kosturos is Chief Revenue Officer at RingLead where he serves as the resident expert on contact data quality and data enrichment. He has helped thousands of customers and partners solve their dirty data issues with custom solutions tailored to their exact business needs. John is an expert inside both Salesforce and marketing automation data.