The first step to understanding your Total Addressable Market (TAM) is to analyze your data for ICP. Once you have the criteria for your ICP, you can utilize it within list building tools and other search engines to discover your TAM of Account Records.
How to build your TAM of Account Records
It’s highly likely that you will need more than one company data provider to help you zero in on all the attributes you’ll need to build your list. To identify the right list building tools or search engines for your use case, RingLead’s DataExchange is an amazing free resource.

In the use case highlighted above, I would first identify the companies who are trending for intent signals with providers like Bombora, LeadSift, 180byTwo, ZoomInfo, or other niche industry providers.

Once we have the list of companies who are trending for Intent, I would take that list and pass it to vendors like InsideView, ZoomInfo, DBUSA, D&B, Crunchbase, or other niche industry providers, to supply attributes like employee size, revenue, capital raised, and industry.

Lastly, after filtering our list down even further based on size of company and industry, I would pass the list to a provider like HGInsights, DemandMatrix, MixRank, or ZoomInfo to provide Technographics.

How to build your TAM of Account Records
Once we have the final list of companies in our TAM it’s vital to get them into Salesforce without creating duplicates. Then we have to make sure to link all person records associated with the Accounts.

When all person records are associated to Accounts, the next step in the process is to analyze Opportunity Contact roles and other associated job titles to zero in on the personas that are relevant to your buyer journey.

Building your TAM into the Account Object in your CRM is one of the first exercises that any marketing leader should prioritize. If you don’t know who you’re selling to, it’s very hard to align sales, marketing, development, finance, human resources, and your C-Level suite. When you have a scientific understanding of what types of companies you’re selling to, and why… it’s much easier to align strategy from top to bottom. Having your TAM in your CRM also helps your sales team to work within the system rather than spending ⅓ of their time doing manual research.

Utilizing a tool like RingLead’s Orchestration Platform, you can enrich and score data to identify ICPs, and then transfer the filter criteria directly into our Discovery module to build lists of companies from as many vendors as you need to get you to 100% of your TAM. Connect with a data expert from our team today to learn how.