Just in case you missed Part 1 of Tidying Your Database with the KonMari Method, here’s a quick recap:

Tip 1: Show Sincere Appreciation for Your Data- Gratitude for your data (even bad data) can help shift your mindset and improve the success of your data quality initiative.

Tip 2: Commit- The best way to approach a database clean-up is to dive head first, not take baby steps. Practicing ikki ni or ‘in one go’ is an important step to take to maintain an organized database going forward.

How to Discard Data That Doesn’t Spark Joy

While it’s easy to go through your bedroom item by item, the sheer quantity of records in your CRM and marketing automation platform makes it impossible to examine each individual record for its ability to spark joy. That is why you need to establish baseline criteria for what data stays and what goes.

How do i determine what data sparks joy?

Oftentime, databases are full of records that are years, even decades old. Clinging onto data because it ‘may someday be useful’ is a backward-thinking strategy. Start by discarding data that is >5 years old and work backwards until you reach a timeframe that is acceptable (we recommend 2 years old as the cut off).

Perhaps your Salesforce or Marketo database is full of records missing an email address. If you primarily employ email marketing in your demand gen strategy, this would be a good example of data that doesn’t spark joy and therefore should be discarded.

Lastly, duplicates have no place in any tidy database and should be discarded at all costs. Especially with account-based sales/marketing strategies, duplicates will never spark joy.

No matter what your criteria is, establishing guidelines for what to keep/discard is a crucial step in Marie Kondo-ing your database.

How do i get rid of the data that doesn’t spark joy?

Going record by record is almost impossible with the high volume of data in most modern CRM and MAP systems. There are automated tools and systems to automate database management.

RingLead Cleanse is a powerful tool that can help discard all of the data that doesn’t spark joy. The Mass Delete feature can delete thousands of Salesforce records at once, bypassing traditional bulk action limitations. RingLead Cleanse also has the industry’s most powerful duplicate matching technology, using more than 45 fuzzy matchers to effectively and intelligently merge all duplicates.

Click here to see how RingLead can discard all of the data that doesn’t spark joy for your organization.

Tidying up a dirty, disorganized CRM and marketing automation database can help you remain within storage limits, achieve a single profile of the target, and increase efficiency within your organization. Discarding data en masse may seem antithetical to modern data accumulation practices, but we guarantee your team will be thankful for the sleeker, tidier, more organized database.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for Part 3.