Just in case you missed Part 1 and Part 2 of Tidying Your Database with the KonMari Method here’s a quick recap:

Tip 1: Show Sincere Appreciation for Your Data- Gratitude for your data (even bad data) can help shift your mindset and improve the success of your data quality initiative.

Tip 2: Commit- The best way to approach a database clean-up is to dive head first, not take baby steps. Practicing ikki ni or ‘in one go’ is an important step to take to maintain an organized database going forward.

Tip 3: Discard the Data That Doesn’t Spark Joy – As Marie Kondo says in her books, tidying must start with discarding.

So you’ve thanked your data, you’re committed to cleaning, and you’ve discarded the data that doesn’t spark joy. Now what? Your CRM and marketing automation database may be tidy and organized now, but how can you make sure it stays that way?

Tip 4: Categorize, Categorize, Categorize

It is common for data to enter your database without any real criteria for where it should end up and what action to take.

This creates a data-organization nightmare for your operations teams who have to make sense of the chaos. Give it enough time and your database will return to the untidy state from before you began this clean database initiative. 

Marie Kondo your data by categorizing based on parameters such as source, function, time since creation, and usability. Then build out processes for each data scenario.

Establishing categories for your data can help you track campaigns against different channel initiatives and attribute revenue properly, helping your ABM efforts. As an added bonus above and beyond a tidy database, this will help tremendously when it comes to lead routing, segmentation, and targeting. 

Tip 5: Treat Your Database as a Sacred Space

You’d be surprised how much joy a clean database brings to an organization. That’s why the final tip is to treat your database as a sacred space.

Every database has its own energy. Inaccurate, duplicate, and outdated data brings chaotic energy to your data-driven processes. Tidy data drives efficiency, boosts morale, and keeps your sales, marketing, and IT teams in harmony.

It may sound cheesy, data is just a collection of ones and zeroes afterall. But treating your database as a sacred space and the data inside as a valuable commodity can alter your mindset and breathe new life into your data-driven processes.