In the age of big data, where everything business and marketing side is determined by data collection, usage and storage, we all have to optimize the way in which we use data. But, what does that really mean?

Is managing data quality it just a bunch of techno talk or does it have any real meaning to your business, your bottom line and your profitability. First of all, I would like to say that this discussion is outside the realm of belief and that it is more focused on objective research and matter of fact that is why big data and best data quality tools are. It is important because it gives you an objective metric to use in your business.

The Power Of Managing Data Quality

The microscope was useless until someone figured out what the microscopic data they were looking at was and what it could teach them. Data in our day in time is very much the same. You can collect data all day long, have a superficial idea of what it represents but until you know how to use it to better your business, it really isn’t serving your company. Our goal is to help optimize how you manage, use, collect and make sense of your data. Not only that, we want to make sure that you are collecting the right data. We all know the bit about how useless studies are because researchers can easily doctor what it represents by how they frame it. We want to frame your data in a way that benefits your company the most. We want to put focus on the real data that can shape your company’s present and future. That is what we call optimizing data. Until you data is optimized, you really are not getting much or them most out of the data that you collect.

Some people look at managing data quality itself as being true, as being factual but those people are thinking on a very myopic level. Data is no better than the questions and the realities that you put in front of it. More people buy from you on Tuesday’s than any other day of the week. That means nothing until you ask why. Data isn’t about supplying you all the answers, it is more about it forcing you to ask more questions and digging deeper. We know that some companies aren’t able to think on this level but the ones who do are able to improve their business and improve their profitability.

The Question

So our question to you is: How much do you care about your business? What are you willing to do to make use out of the data you extract? How much do you care about optimizing your data collection, using a data quality manager and creating a data quality checklist? Do you understand how to make this data more profitable? Do you know how to get an edge over your competition by managing data quality?

If you answer yes or if you would like to be able to answer yes to these questions, then you are on the right track.

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