Is there a DataExchange for Sales and Marketing?

Written by John Kosturos on October 15, 2020

Is there a DataExchange for Sales and Marketing?

When it comes to sales and marketing, you can never have too much data, but there are challenges facing two audiences. On one hand, it’s hard for data subscribers to securely find, access, and analyze relevant data sets. On the other hand, it’s hard for providers with useful datasets to share them. RingLead DataExchange is here to remove the friction, Build a bridge between these two groups, and unlock the power of data.

Starting with data subscribers, as enterprises, academic institutions, and not for profits, you have no one good place to find diverse data, across industries. Even if you do find the data you need, you still need to spend days, or even months, licensing and moving it closer to your existing CRM or Marketing Automation. Because every data provider delivers theirs differently, you have to deal with a mix of shift physical media, FTP credentials, or API’s that take away from your time deriving valuable insights from the data. Subscribers need a trusted service to consistently and securely find, access, and analyze data from multiple sources easily.

On the other hand, data providers have their own challenges. Traditional channels make it hard for you to reach every subscriber that may be interested in your data. Plus, you have to build and maintain non-differentiating technology to package, entitle, and deliver your data, often leaving subscribers the struggle to get it from you. These barriers slow down existing providers from creating more data products. And often prevent many organizations from making data they generate, available to others.

RingLead data exchange solves these challenges, and transforms how data is exchanged today. You can browse Ringlead data exchange to find and subscribe to hundreds of datasets, from multiple providers, in a single place. Once subscribed, you have a consistent, and cloud native way to access data, that is ready for use in Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, AWS and more.

Subscribers can quickly and easily consume data from RingLead and immediately operationalize it in their revops workflows using other RingLead services.

When providers publish new data, subscribers will receive a cloud watch event that allows subscribers to automatically consume and use the data in other RingLead services. For qualified data providers, RingLead DataExchange also makes it easy to package, entitle and make datasets available to millions of RingLead customers worldwide, Via RingLead DataExchange. Established data providers can quickly reach much larger audiences for their data, while lowering their distribution costs.

Try RingLead DataExchange today, it’s a modern, secure, transparent, and easy to use service that gives qualified data providers a channel to reach millions of additional subscribers, with less cost and less effort, and gives subscribers a one stop shop to find, subscribe to and analyze data sets in a cloud native way. Learn more at