At the end of March, RingLead announced an expansion that would create 50 jobs on Long Island. In just a few short weeks we have taken significant strides toward that goal, hiring several local candidates for key positions in sales and development. As we continue to seek out the most qualified candidates, we want to take a second to tell you a little bit more about us, what we believe in, and why you want to work at RingLead.

Since 2003 RingLead has solved the dirty data problems of businesses around the world. We help businesses increase productivity by ensuring complete data quality. We believe in the work that we’re doing, and we work harder than anyone else in the industry.

RingLead’s Mission Statement:

At RingLead, we understand how important quality data is to your business.

It’s our mission to increase productivity in your sales and marketing departments by providing state-of-the-art data quality management tools combined with world class customer service and support.

In many ways, our mission statement tells you everything you need to know about working at RingLead – We are a customer-centric team fueled by a shared desire to provide leading data quality solutions.

When we say “customer centric” – we mean it. Supporting our customers is the number one priority for us. In fact, we review customer service metrics nightly at team meetings. When it comes to sales, our customers are never bounced around between reps. Instead, the sales rep that signs the customer is the sales rep that stays with the customer. When it comes to support, our sales reps call on every support ticket for their customers.

But customer support doesn’t end with sales. Every department at RingLead shares the responsibility of providing a VIP experience for our customers. For this reason among others, our employees are the most critical part of RingLead.

  • We offer competitive pay. RingLead offers competitive base salaries, commission and incentive-based bonuses for all employees. Employees may also earn additional compensation through Above and Beyond Challenges issued by CEO Christopher Hickey or Executive Chairman Russ Artzt.
  • You’ll own RingLead. All RingLead employees are entitled to performance-based stock options in the company. Stocks vest immediately upon being earned. At RingLead, we believe it’s important for employees to own what they help build. We want you to take as much pride in RingLead as we do. We don’t believe in corporate greed – when we win, you win!
  • We are a team. Our performance-based culture at RingLead enforces the team mentality everyday. Everyone pulls their weight. We share status reports and updates at our daily company-wide meetings to ensure everyone is always up to speed on the happenings in different departments. Most importantly, our performance-based culture helps us stay on track when it comes to delivering solutions for our customers.
  • We offer career advancement & development. At RingLead all career paths are clearly outlined with a fast track to promotion based on performance. We cross-train all employees on all aspects of the business to help employees discover and build on their strengths.
  • We measure & reward. Unlike most companies, we deliver performance reviews monthly. Reviews are based on clearly outlined expectations that are given to the employee at the time of hire. Monthly performance reviews allow us to support our employees in real-time, opening the door for fast track career advancement and salary raises.
  • We take time to celebrate. Every other week we get the whole team together for a company happy hour. We take time to collaborate and connect outside of the office, and we acknowledge the value of team bonding.

Our employees are the heart of our great company.

If you believe you should work for RingLead, visit our careers page today.

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