Finding new leads is hard work. Especially when working in a niche industry, it might seem like finding the next person to contact so you might possibly make a sale is impossible. What you need to do is become an expert in lead generation. You can’t pull qualified leads out of thin air, but you can employ a number of best practices to the way that you find new leads so that you’ll always have people to call and email.

No Leads Is Bad News

Leads are the driving force behind revenue. In about 99 percent of cases, people aren’t going to be finding your products without any input on your part. You need a way to reach out to your future customers, otherwise they’ll never actually end up becoming customers. Having zero leads is the absolute lowest that your company can go. If you see that you’re going through leads faster than you’re finding new ones, you should realize that you have a problem and should be taking steps to start addressing it immediately.

What Even Is a Lead?

Now if you don’t even know what a lead is, you’re far behind in the game, but not entirely out. Leads are going to be the backbone of your revenue process. A lead is going to be any person that you can contact who might have an interest in buying your product. Of course, what you’re really looking for is going to be qualified leads. This is going to be leads that have the budget to buy your product and have a need for it. But leads aren’t just going to flock to you. You need to find them, along with ways to get in contact with them.

Where Can I Find Leads?

Luckily for you, finding leads isn’t the most difficult thing in the world if you know what to do. Depending on what industry you’re in, the difficulty curve for finding leads might change, but in businesses that have an emphasis on networking, you can find many of your leads right on the internet. The internet, more specifically social media, is going to be your greatest friend when it comes to lead generation. It’s a massive data source filled with firmographic and contact information for people in positions of buying authority.

Including Contact Information

Now, why is there such an emphasis on contact information? Because how else are you going to make that sale if you have no way of reaching your new lead to tell them all about what your products do? Having a way to gather contact information is one of the most important parts of the lead generation process. In an ideal world, every lead would come with a verified direct dial phone number, along with an email address. These being the two fastest ways to get in contact with somebody.

A Healthy, Clean CRM

By finding qualified leads faster than you can go through them, along with their verified firmographic and contact information, you’ll find that your data quality will increase drastically and you’ll end up making more sales, without having to worry about running out of people to pitch to.


Unfortunately, this can take hundreds of hours a month when done manually and can waste the time of both your sales and marketing teams. What you’ll need is a data solution that can automate this process, while making sure that all of the generated leads have correct contact information.

RingLead DMS Capture is a sales intelligence tool that can generate thousands of leads with the click of just one button. Your teams will get to spend time actually doing their jobs instead of spending the majority of their days generating leads. Capture will make sure all of your new leads have verified firmographic and contact information, including a direct dial phone number, which is again, the number one way to get in contact with somebody.

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