Social media is one of the most effective ways of bringing brand awareness. Profiles on sites from Facebook to Youtube to Instagram can help your company reach clients in an easy, quick way. The convenience and repetition of social media holds its boldest appeal – fewer people than ever are logging onto a computer and instead opting to receive media at their fingertips with smartphones. Enriching your data can make the most of your brand’s social media campaign by increasing visibility through ads and other promotional content.

How Does It Work?

When data is enriched, its usefulness is maximized.  Each lead’s content is updated so that you do not waste time searching for contact information. At RingLead, our software targets specific data so that once enriched, a prospective client will appear with information that includes social media profiles. Why is this helpful? More than ⅔ of adults in the United States are active on Facebook, more than 70% of young adults are Instagram users, and an abundance of these age groups gravitate to Twitter as well. When you have access to your client’s social media, it is easier to understand their perspectives and interests and therefore simpler than ever to relate to them.  After seeing that 50% of your list has an active Facebook profile, you can gather more statistics on effectively running ads. Most importantly, with social media you can enter your client’s purview subliminally with the help of promotional content and blog posts.

How Do I Get Started?

We recommend checking out all of RingLead suite to clean, dedupe, and enhance your data.

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