Dear VP Marketing,

Your team doesn’t want to clean up your database just to have busy work. Trust me, they have enough to do already. What they want is to be more efficient.

Right now, they’re struggling with a database that doesn’t let them achieve your strategic goals. Every time they try to get a targeted list to implement a quality email nurturing program, they’re wasting time and it’s driving them crazy.

They’re wasting time cleaning data or looking for all the possible variations in your database. They want to easily be able to pick out all of the specific roles and titles, but your database is littered with V.P., VP, V.P, Vice President, associate vice president, Assoc. VP, SVP, and a lot of other variations. Every time they try to clean this up, even if they succeed, more dirty data comes in. They want standardization and they want it now.

Here’s a list of 4 good reasons why your team needs a data cleanse.

  1. They want pick lists for the sales reps. The sales reps don’t have the time or interest in making sure they key in titles, countries, states, and other information in exactly the format you’re using. Make it easy on your marketing team and the sales team by creating pick lists. That way no one has to guess. Plus, it will be easier to on-board new marketing and sales staff rather than drilling them on memorizing your formats.
  2. They want to know that the data is accurate. You’re asking for results, but they can’t deliver those results with inaccurate information. How are they supposed to target your high tech vertical, or get reports from your systems, if your various data services update these as high tech, technology, tech, hardware, software, and a variety of other values? They also want to know that the data isn’t being overwritten once it’s clean.
  3. They want to know they aren’t facing duplication issues. You won’t be able to target the right leads or report on your results if you have two leads in your system for the same person, one that’s a prospect and one that’s a customer!
  4. Finally, they want to know that they’re not filling your database with obsolete data. With up to 70% of your database going stale every year, they want to know that what you’re keeping in your database isn’t just clutter. They want to either update the information – or jettison it. Keeping dead email addresses isn’t doing your database or your deliverability any favors. In fact, it could be cultivating spam traps.

Cleaning data benefits everyone – including you.

But it’s not just about them and their day-to-day work, it’s about you. Your company needs to meet revenue results, but they also need to have a good reputation. If you don’t have a clean database, you’ll never be able to implement email or website personalization technologies that allow you to deliver more targeted content to your prospects and customers.

You have revenue targets to meet and reports to deliver about the health of your database, opportunities created, and quality programs. You need to be informed not only about how many new leads are coming into your database, but also their quality. You need to be able to confidently report on which programs are most lucrative, which marketing investments you’ll continue, and which programs you will cancel due to lack of results. Ultimately, you’ll want to be able to forecast the opportunities that sales will be able to create from the leads marketing is delivering and work collaboratively with sales on your total pipeline forecast. You need your reports to be accurate and reliable, as well as easy to generate.

So, dear VP Marketing, please consider your team’s request and let them put data maintenance and cleaning solutions in place. It will make your team much more efficient and get you and your company better results while you’re at it.

Ready to begin cleaning up your database but not sure where to start? RingLead Data Management Solutions (DMS) is here to help. With DMS, you can clean out all duplicates currently inside your database and prevent more from entering using one scalable, cloud-based platform. Once you get rid of the dupes, you can then enrich the remaining data with over 100 different contact and firmographic data points to provide your team with a complete buyer profile to drive engagement and increase conversion.

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Dear VP Of Marketing, This Is Why Your Team Needs Clean Data

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