“The value that RingLead drives for Mintigo in deduping our database is pretty significant”

Nida Chughtai | VP of Marketing at Mintigo 

Nida Chugtai, Vice-President of Marketing at Mintigo, tells us how her organization transformed their ABM strategy by improving the data at the foundation of their marketing efforts.

Nida Chughtai, Vice President of Marketing at Mintigo, discusses how RingLead helped her enhance her data for better ABM 


Nida: I’m Nida Chughtai, Vice-President of Marketing at Mintigo, and I am responsible for Mintigo’s go-to market strategies, as well as account-based strategies in driving demand for our business.

How we interact with data at Mintigo, from a Marketing and Sales perspective, is by using our data to understand our customers, leveraging our data to build audiences and segments that we want to target through marketing campaigns and sales programs.And also, we rely on data every single day to help analyze the performance of how Marketing and Sales is doing, and how we’re actually helping the business grow.

Data quality affects Marketing and Sales every single day. I mean, we’re relying on data day in and day out, to help us make smarter business decisions. You know what?

Honestly, data is never going to be 100% perfect. There’s always going to be flaws, but you need it to be good enough to make effective business decisions and create some efficiencies, because the last thing you ever want to do is spend your entire day, your entire night, working on a spreadsheet to standardize data or dedupe data.

So, relying on technologies like RingLead to help do that is a really, really powerful thing for Marketing and Sales. Yeah. Data can be really dirty. It could get dirty very, very fast. So, for me, dirty data is data that Marketing and Sales just can’t trust.

It could be as simple as, like, a lead record with a Gmail address and nothing else attached to it. Or, it could be an account object, where it’s just a company name that’s abbreviated and no other information.

But for me, you know, dirty data is really like data that is missing information. Or duplicate data can be really dirty. Anything that can skew your results is dirty data, for me. For me, a duplicate record, it could be lead objects or contact objects that are for the same person.

So, somebody who has a Gmail address may exist as a lead. Somebody who uses a business email address may exist as a contact. And that, to me, is one person. So, having the ability to combine those two records and have one unique record, is really, really important.


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