The data industry’s number one automated prospecting sales intelligence tool has a brand new look and feel to better help you with all your sales and marketing research needs. RingLead DMS Capture has been carefully analyzed by the RingLead development team and based on user feedback, has been modified to better suit all the account-based marketing needs and problems that your team might have.

Here’s what’s changed:

  • Capture is now easier to use. We’ve fixed every user-reported bug and have made the entire interface more responsive. You’ll find that the buttons work better and you’ll have a much easier time digging through the Google Search presets for lead generation processes.


  • Intuitive User Interface – Some of our users provided awesome feedback with the way that Capture looked, so we’ve redesigned the entire thing to look more modern. You’ll find that Capture is going to compete with the look of all other high-end SaaS products going into 2018.


  • Easier to understand – Never be confused by what to do next in Capture to start generating your leads ever again. We’ve made the lead generation process easier to follow.


  • Even more data sources – We’ve added additional data sources that Capture can pull information from to enhance your data. You’ll now have even better return rates on complete and verified firmographic data.


Although it might not be visible, Capture also had upgrades under the hood to help generate leads faster and more efficiently.

And at the end of the day, Capture is still the industry’s number one sales intelligence tool for prospecting, continuously able to gather thousands of user-defined leads with the click of just one button. From dozens of different online data sources, Capture will make sure that you have quality leads with verified contact information that you need in order to start boosting your profits right now.

At RingLead, we pride ourselves on customer service and we want to make using our products as pleasant for the customer as possible. Never will a Capture customer feel lost or clueless using our lead generation software for all their account-based marketing needs.

And as always, Capture will always double check against the records within your CRM to make sure that it’s never creating a duplicate record, as duplicates are the greatest cause of a dirty database that there is. Try Capture for free right now.

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