You deduped your database. Now what?

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset with Automated Data Quality from RingLead

Like anything else that requires ongoing maintenance–think cars, homes, computers–you’ll need to routinely clean your database in order to keep it in its best, most valuable state. But how do you keep up when new data is created every second of every day?

Each time a phone number, email, title or website domain is changed, your data quality journey gets a little more complicated.

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset with Automated Data Quality from RingLeadRingLead DMS can help. 
DMS Duplicate Prevention automates data quality using the only real-time duplicate prevention solution in the industry. With over 55 custom matchers and merge rules, DMS detects and prevents duplicates from entering your database from all entry points–lists, web forms, manual and API.

Many products on the Salesforce AppExchange promise “real-time” duplicate prevention, but don’t deliver. These products are actually real-time cleansing tools that continuously scan your database to catch duplicates and perform merges. The downfall? By the time they catch the duplicate a series of triggers and workflows have already been set off.

With RingLead DMS, we don’t even let duplicates in.

Our three key duplicate prevention tools:

Web Submissions prevents duplicates from entering your database through Marketo or Salesforce web forms. Web form fields are enriched with contact and company data to help you gain deeper insight into your customers and prospects. Web submissions goes beyond the exact email match logic that Marketo and Salesforce employ, keeping all duplicates out of your database.

List Import allows you to upload and enrich large lists within seconds without creating a single duplicate. Use RingLead Default Matching Rule Templates or configure 55+ matching rules to identify and group duplicate records. Similar to Marketo Triggers, drag-and-drop conditional logic allows you to build a complex matching logic to suit your unique needs. View all duplicates in an intuitive master record resolution report that allows you to merge, skip or open duplicate records with a few clicks.

Unique Entry enables you to manually enter data without the headache of creating or merging duplicates. As-you-type alerts notify you in real time if you are creating a duplicate, allowing you to edit the original record rather than create a new lead. Unique Entry outperforms “similar” products that require you to enter several fields and hit “save” to find out of if a duplicate exists.

In today’s data-centric world, data deduplication is simply not enough to maintain a clean, campaign-ready database. Strengthen your data quality strategy with DMS Duplicate Prevention today.

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset with Automated Data Quality from RingLead

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