It’s time to make the annual pilgrimage to the bay area. The happy hours, inspiring keynotes, concert performances, booth hopping… it’s all fun to me. My favorite part by far, though, is the people. Depending on who you are and who they are, you may call them leads, partners, friends, prospects, contacts, drinking buddies, all of the above.

Put Your Dreamforce Leads in Salesforce Like A Boss

How do you follow up with new connections?

How do you get them in your CRM?

If you see someone on stage, chat with someone on the expo floor, or meet another “bird of your feather” during lunch who you’re particularly interested in you do what any of us do, you connect through social media. That’s a wonderful start. Next, if you’re ancient, you can spend hours hunting down any relevant information about this person and their company on the internet and through public sources… then search your CRM to see if they are already there… then enter them one field at a time like a sucker.

Here’s What I Do.

I open their LinkedIn page in Chrome and do it all with a few clicks. Capture, a Chrome Extension allows me to save all the info from their profile. Then (and this is the coolest part) in one click I am able to augment this information with everything the internet has to offer about them or their company. I don’t mean boring stuff, I mean the important stuff… like an email address, or firmographic data.

Now the data is mine. You know what they say, though… if it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist. If I am logged into Salesforce in any Chrome tab, Capture is already telling me if this person is in the database. I can merge this fresh data into the existing record with a few clicks…

…like a boss!

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Put Your Dreamforce Leads in Salesforce Like A Boss

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