RingLead is excited to announce the launch of two brand new features to their native Salesforce app, DMS Scanner. DMS Scanner, formerly known as Dupe Dive, is a data diagnostic tool that will help you regain control of your most valuable asset, your data, providing you with data management solutions to fuel employee productivity, grow revenue, produce meaningful engagement, and generate accurate reporting to aid in decision making using clean, standardized and competent data.

DMS Scanner will now include a revamped duplicate scanner, and a brand new enrichment scanner, to help find duplicate records and missing fields within your Salesforce database in minutes. RingLead DMS Scanner has long been a favorite free app among Salesforce Admins, Marketing Operations, and other professionals responsible for their company’s data quality initiatives because of the accuracy and ease in which DMS Scanner can find duplicate records. With an all-new modern and refreshed look, RingLead DMS Scanner  will help you understand the effects of duplicate and missing data, and give you the ability to address these pain points using RingLead Data Management Solutions (DMS).

RingLead’s Duplicate Scanner Features:

  • Scan your entire Salesforce org in minutes
  • Discover the number of duplicates inside your Leads, Contacts and Accounts
  • View duplicates in a single, comprehensive health scorecard

RingLead’s Enrichment Scanner Features:

  • Scan your entire Salesforce org in minutes
  • Discover the number of missing data fields across your Leads, Contacts and Accounts
  • View fields we can potentially enrich in a single, comprehensive health scorecard

Using RingLead’s sophisticated DMS Scanner’s, you’ll be able to fully understand the considerable impact of duplicate data and missing field values in your Salesforce database through a comprehensive health scorecard that can be made available with the click of button.

Our duplicate scanner will reveal the number of duplicates inside your system and the cost of storing those duplicates ($100 for every dupe located), while our enrichment scanner will reveal the number of empty fields you have, and how RingLead DMS Enrichment can potentially help to populate more of your fields.

Not impressed with your results? Solve your dirty data problem right from the scorecard by utilizing RingLead Data Management Solutions (DMS). RingLead DMS is the only cloud-based, fully scalable, 360 degree data management platform that can clean out all duplicates currently inside your database, prevent more duplicates from entering from list imports, web submissions and manual entry, and enrich all of the remaining data with the highest per field match rates in the industry. RingLead DMS will benefit your team in all of the following ways:

  • Boost sales and marketing productivity and efficiency
  • Generate accurate reporting and campaigns to aid in decision making
  • Correctly score, segment and route leads to increase connection and conversion rates
  • Expedite pipeline growth using contact and firmographic data to complete buyer profiles
  • Drive buyer engagement using RingLead’s real-time crowdsourced data
  • Customize data enrichment based on business strategy for hyper segmentation and intensified Account Based Marketing.
  • Grow your revenue stream through clean, standardized, and enriched data

Try RingLead DMS Scanner today by clicking the box below to download our FREE scanner now!


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