RingLead is proud to announce the launch of their much anticipated and newest product, RingLead DMS Cleanse for Marketo, which resolves all duplicates in your entire Marketo database independent of the CRM system to which it may be synced, such as or Microsoft Dynamics. Just like RingLead DMS Cleanse for Salesforce, DMS Cleanse for Marketo will help you maintain the health of your database by identifying duplicates in Marketo using over 35 different comprehensive matching algorithms, and easily merging them based on surviving field value rules you define.

RingLead Launches DMS Cleanse For Marketo®


Here are a few key features of DMS Cleanse for Marketo:

Merge Duplicates:

Remove any and all duplicates that are clogging up your database with a few simple steps.

Custom Matching Logic Rules:

Match duplicates using 35+ custom matching logic rules based on your organizations specific definition of a duplicate.

Instant Reports:

Preview the duplicates to be merged and the surviving field values before choosing to merge the records.

Easy Set Up:

Start cleaning up your database within minutes after completing our simple set up and registration.

DMS Cleanse for Marketo helps you save on your Marketo license costs after resolving duplicate records that are inflating your database size. A clean, duplicate free database helps improve the productivity of your marketing team, with better lead scoring, segmentation, and communications. Your team will save valuable hours by automating and cleaning the dirty data that is bogging down your Marketo system, leaving for more time to focus on actual marketing activities. DMS Cleanse for Marketo takes away the mundane task of cleaning duplicates by hand, transforming the way you manage your Marketo database.

RingLead DMS Cleanse for Marketo is just one product in the RingLead DMS platform. RingLead DMS is the premier, SaaS, data management platform that can capture, clean, protect, enrich and normalize all your data in real-time. Say good-bye to the days of manually prospecting, cleaning, deduping, and enriching your data. With RingLead DMS, you’ll never worry about the quality of your data ever again.

Schedule a demo and watch RingLead DMS Cleanse for Marketo in action today!

RingLead Launches DMS Cleanse For Marketo®

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