What will having direct dial and mobile phones mean for your sales efforts?

When technology and culture changes, so must sales.

Made popular on the TV show Big Bang Theory, the familiar game is no longer Rock, Paper, Scissors.  They added Lizard and Spock. Change, not properly handled, causes chaos.

Sales in 2017 also had a new set of rules. Most outbound calls get caught by a gatekeeper or go directly to voicemail. These are the new rules. How do you respond? How do you continue to drive revenue?

The answer: work with the right data.

RingLead’s DMS Capture product recently got a major upgrade. No, we did not add Lizard and Spock, but we did add:

  • Direct Dial Phones
  • Mobile Phones

Starting from as little as a person name and company name, Capture already returns data points like job title, address and a validated email address. 


(Click on image for enlarged view)

Now, Capture has Direct Dial and Mobile phone numbers.

Check out the screen grab and start imagining how Direct Dials and Mobile phones can propel your sales effort.  

Lastly, we included a diagram for Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. Go ahead and challenge any RingLead associate if you see them at a trade show.  







To get a good laugh you can watch Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock explained on HERE.

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