All Salesforce users deal with the frustrating reality of duplicate records infiltrating their database. Skewed reports, wasted sales time, disrupted workflows and inflated storage costs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the negative effects of duplicates on your sales and marketing processes. Here are just a few of the best practices to manage your duplicates and get back to a perfect Salesforce Org.

Strategize Your Duplicate Cleanup Process

Interdepartmental miscommunication and lack of well-documented data standards are major sources of duplicate creation. With multiple users, it is all too easy for oversight to lead to chaos; and chaos always leads to duplicates. The fundamental first step to take in your data quality initiative is to document organizational rules and standards such as:

  • What data do we keep?
  • What data should be shifted and moved into the right areas?
  • What data do we want to delete?

Start with these questions as a baseline and continue to document the standards that you would like your team to adhere to. Instilling documented rules, regulations, and procedures into your sales and marketing teams will help optimize your data entry for fewer duplicates.

Create a Data Hierarchy

Anyone in data operations knows that when undertaking a deduplication initiative, it is crucial to prioritize what data to keep and what to get rid of. Anything customer-related should trump any other type of data in your CRM when it comes to cleansing processes. Instituting a data hierarchy will help your duplicate cleanup process stay organized and ensure no valuable data gets lost in the merge. Use the following hierarchy as a template to maximize the success of your data merging and deletion: 

  1. Customers & Partners
  2. Open Opportunities
  3. Active Accounts Being Worked
  4. Cold Accounts & Cold Leads

Opting for a SaaS Solution to Remove and Prevent Duplicates in Salesforce

It is not cost effective nor time efficient to employ human data janitors to handle a growing database. Deduping a database by hand is simply impossible when your record count reaches the hundreds of thousands. Seeking out and doing research on available deduplication software is the most practical way to handle existing duplicates in your database. Deduplication software like RingLead Cleanse and Protect optimizes your Salesforce data management by giving admins customizable matching and surviving field rules so you can adhere to the aforementioned rules, regulations, and hierarchies. 

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