Salesforce admins are the keepers of the CRM, and are often given tasks and asked questions by their coworkers that they can resolve faster than it takes to finish this sentence. The challenge, however, is that these common questions often require the same long-winded steps. On the other hand, perhaps you have yet to resolve a common issue because you don’t know enough Visualforce code…or so you thought

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Based on the brand new ebook, Salesforce Tips and Tricks for a Hyper-Productive Salesforce Org, here are some killer Salesforce email-related hacks from Jarrod Kingston of Appirio (@jarrodmichael) and Michael Farrington of RingLead (@michaelforce).

Here’s a look at some of these hacks from the ebook. For more, check out the whole darn thing.

Case Comment and Email Tracking Fields

The objective here is to help store important dates which will allow better tracking of cases and their activity. (Shoutout to Salesforce MVP Jason Paquette!) Here we give the steps for tracking comments, you can use the same approach for tracking emails.


  1. Create a Custom Field called “Last Comment Date”
  2. Create a Workflow Rule on the “Case Comment Object for every time a record is created
  3. Criteria should be a formula that is just “true” (so it always runs)
  4. Add a Workflow Field Update to put “Now()” into your Custom “Last Comment Date” field

Send Email to Foreign Web Submitter

When a case is submitted via a Web-to-Case from a person who is not in your Contacts, you want to send them an email from within Salesforce using the “send email” button and have it pre-populate their website. Typically you can only do this if they are a record in Salesforce… not anymore!


  1. Create a Custom Link or Button on the Case Object to open the following URL:
/_ui/core/email/author/EmailAuthor?p3_lkid={!Case.Id}&retURL=%2F{!Case.Id}&p2_lkid={!Case. ContactId}&p2_lktp=003&p24={!if(ISNULL(Case.ContactId),Case.SuppliedEmail,'')}
  1. Add your Link or Button to desired Case Page Layouts

Welcome Email Workflow

Welcome new users of your Salesforce org with an automated email sent when you create their User record.


  1. Create your email template you want to use with welcome messaging
  2. Create a Workflow Rule on the User Object to run when Active equals True
  3. Add an Email Alert on your Workflow Rule to send your welcome template to the User

We hope this post makes your workday just a bit more productive, so you can have more time to play in your Sandbox.

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