Salesforce is a powerful tool for tracking potential leads and new contacts. However, as your database grows larger, the possibility of duplicate entries increases. As new contact or account information is entered into Salesforce, you may find you have duplicate entries. Salesforce has a Merge My Contacts tool which will merge any duplicated entries. You can reach this tool from the Account Details screen. The tool will list all Salesforce duplicates on the screen and then you can select the fields and the information you want to keep or ignore when you want to use Salesforce merge leads. Follow the steps below to successfully merge duplicate records and keep your database as clean as possible.

How To Use Salesforce Merge Leads

First, open the Accounts home screen and then click on the account you want to edit. Next, open that account and scroll down to the Contacts list. This will allow you to view all the contact records. This is where you will find any duplicate records. Click on the option to Merge Contacts. This will launch the Merge My Contacts tool. This tool will search all the contacts in the database and find any which might be duplicate. This list of potential duplicate contacts will then be displayed.

Check off the contact records you want to merge. You can use this tool to merge two or more contacts. Click the Next button and open the Select the Values To Retain screen. You will see the original contact record on the left and all duplicate records on the right. For any field you want to retain after the merge, click the radio button. Then click the Merge button. You will see a warning message telling you this is a permanent operation and cannot be undone. If you are sure of the records you want to be merged, then click OK. The Salesforce merge leads tool will then merge all the accounts into one per your instructions.

Merging Contacts In Salesforce

It is very easy to merge contacts in Salesforce. Using the Merge My Contacts tools provides you the ability to find all duplicate records for a specific contact and merge them into one. You are also able to select individual fields to keep from each record just in case one has information another does not. Using the Merge My Contacts tool is a quick and efficient way to ensure your contacts and leads database is clean and accurate.

This entire merging process can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending upon how many duplicate records you want to merge. The primary benefit from using Salesforce merge leads is it automatically searches for and lists all potential duplicate contacts within the entire database. This provides the quickest, most effective means of ensuring you have accurate contact and other information on each potential customer and new lead.

Salesforce is a cloud-based system which allows you to track new and potential leads. You can also keep track of any sales in progress and where they are in the pipeline. Salesforce data management helps you generate reports which you can use to monitor your progress and that of your team.

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