One of my favorite pastimes is saving crappy sales voicemails, because it solves a huge problem. The problem is that first time sales outreach response is plummeting.

According to Jill Konrath, 97 percent of all business calls now go to voicemail. Therefore, it goes without saying that all salespeople must be good at voicemail. Not only that, but voicemail can be measured, coached, and improved.

Voicemail is here to stay so it’s worth your time to craft, test, score and review your voicemails.  Here is the science behind doing it right.

Train, Train, Train

Practice on a department that is not your target, such as accounts receivable, customer service or payroll. Employees in these departments are taught to answer telephones and return messages. Ask some questions and you’ll get useful information before asking to transfer to another extension.

Don’t forget to coach yourself on your own voicemail message. After all, you might be missing the basics. For example, do you provide an alternative phone number? Do you specifically tell the optimal way to get in touch? Do you recommend a fall back person to call? Did you craft it or wing it? How would you score your voicemails? Consider this spring training and you’re getting ready for the big game.

Record Your Voicemails

Recording avoids getting caught in the “I did say” or “did not say” something. Audio doesn’t lie.

Recording voicemails also helps with training. Leave your boss or a colleague a sample voicemail. The feedback will be eye opening. Remember, shooting baskets alone does not prepare you for a basketball game. Tossing a football back and forth does not prepare you to take a hit. We need real world situations to prepare for the sales game.

Reach Out To Multiple People

By contacting multiple prospects at once, you’re showing that you not only did your contact homework, but you’re adding a sense of urgency.

Here’s an example of leaving a voicemail for multiple people:

“Mr. Diorio, we’ve increased sales at Donnely Technology by 25% using our new sales training program. In the next few minutes, I’ll be reaching out to Dan Hughes and Jason Morse. This is Sarah Smith. If you are interested to see how we can do the same for you, let’s all connect and I’ll explain how we did it at Donnely. I’m with The Sales Training Center and can be reached at 414-555-1212. Thank you.”

Utilize Peer Influence

Piggybacking off the previous point, conventional wisdom for peer influencers is a myth. Leveraging a second point of contact into an organization does not double your success, It triples your success. Each additional point of contact multiples your chances by three time. Even more, leveraging three points of contact in an organization yields a nine times success factor. In other words, understand peer influence myths vs. metrics.

Avoid Scripts

It’s important to not sound like you are reading off a script. The only time a script works is when you are selling something on price, for example, “I’ll save you $30 on cable TV.” Scripts are for the first few days of sales. After that, use bullet points as a guide.

Try Video To Enhance Voicemails

Video captures attention since it’s unique. It enables multiple touchpoints, and helps to establish your message. Without multiple touches you do not motivate people to act. Standing out from the crowd is crucial. After all, your message may be tremendous, but if it is never captures their attention, it is lost in the ocean of outreaches.

The “Follow Up” Danger

In volley communications, it’s fine to refer to previous non-responses for outreach. However for prospecting, never refer to a previous outreach that did not get a response. Doing so automatically puts you on the defensive. Every outreach should stand alone.

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The Science Of A Perfect Sales Voicemail

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