Networking is hard. We understand.

You’re throwing yourself in a new business environment for the sake of more sales and whether your new contact admits it or not, they know. So here’s seven tips that will make sure your next networking experience is the first brick on a new road to more sales, instead of an awkward mess that will keep you up at night.

  1. Use your voice – People are looking at text on a screen for an average of 10 or more hours a day. Blending in with all of this text is the fastest way to get ignored when trying to meet the next person that will lead to a sale worthy of a promotion. Even something as small as a phone call to schedule a time to talk instead of an email can set your apart from everybody else trying to reach your contact at the same time. Knowing how your voice sounds can make a contact more inclined to talk to you more in the future.
  1. Know your audience – A standardized cold open formula might work if you’re lucky and charismatic enough to carry yourself, but nothing will give you points on the networking leaderboard like knowing little, yet important details about the people you’re trying to meet. Bringing up a recent promotion with a small message of congratulations will make your contacts feel good about themselves and make them more inclined to open up to you more.
  1. Don’t be too uptight, don’t be too impoliteNobody wants to spend even more time than they already thought they would in the business world. Don’t be so uptight that people feel the need to act the same way they do around you as they do their boss, but don’t be so relaxed you come off entirely unprofessional. Finding the right balance is key. If you’re too boring, people will zone out and if you’re too casual and do something like curse too much, people will be paying more attention to your behavior, rather than what you’re saying.
  1. Stay away from the numbers – There’s a reason everybody hates math. Numbers are confusing. If you’re spending a whole conversation talking about the latest and biggest figures, you’re going to see your contact losing interest and getting confused. While numbers can be valuable, focus on being qualitative about your business connections, rather than quantitative.
  1. Talk about more than just your work life – On average, working and commuting is about 35% of a person’s time that they’re awake. They’re talking about it all day and they hate it. While you’re both obviously there to talk business, it doesn’t have to be the only thing discussed. Bringing up interest, hobbies and current events makes you feel more human and more of a buddy than another suit they have to negotiate with throughout their work day.
  1. Don’t be a therapist and don’t be a lecturerEvery human-to-human interaction should be a conversation in the business world. If either party is doing all of the talking, the conversation is subconsciously going south whether it’s noticed or not. Ask questions and input your own relevant experience. It goes farther than you might think.
  1. Follow upA business connection is nothing if you don’t follow up on it. It’s crucial to make yourself a familiar face. Send small texts and emails from time to time to make sure your face is always somewhere in your new contact’s mind. It doesn’t even have to be business related. Something as small as “how are the kids?” can go a long way.

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