If you think about the car industry or cable TV industry, certain brands come to mind immediately. So how do you gain that type of brand recognition for yourself and your company within your industry?

Using social selling, you have the ability to influence others within your space and break through.

Here are some ideas for strong social selling that create solid, long term relationships.

1. Find your motivation

In my early days of Twitter, I only had a few hundred followers, but in March of 2011, I went to a social media conference that really inspired me. I was motivated by everyone in the room and suddenly, something clicked. Suddenly, I wanted to be part of the online conversation and really grow my network. Find that spark that gets you excited and eager for social selling.

2. Share good material

If you want to have a lot of influence in your space, share good material. I tweet a lot (50 or more times a day) and a lot of it is automated. I follow a number of bloggers and news outlets that have great content to share. 99% of the content that I share are from other sources, not my own.

3. Be the marketplace for ideas

To me, Twitter is a marketplace for ideas. The more ideas and theories out there, the better decision making we will have. Promote and share content from those you are inspired by, and create that marketplace for ideas. Your followers can then decide what to do with the content from there.

4. Find influencers in your market

Find and follow the current thought leaders in your industry. Watch how they engage with the community.

5. Engage with them

Once you’ve determined your market’s influencers, reach out with the goal of becoming part of that bigger group.

6. Don’t be pushy

You can’t be too pushy on social. It’s a real turn off. Provide good content, engage, and build relationships. It’s better to create or provide helpful industry-type information rather than pushy sales material.

7. Think long term

Social selling does not happen overnight. Think longer term about how you can get more people into your funnel, and in the end, you’ll get better, higher, social sales.

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