Sphere of Influence Selling is all about sales engagement. It fosters, promotes, and incentivizes a prospect to want to engage with you to get the sales process moving. Done correctly, it will materialize all the way through the sales process.

Sphere of Influence Selling: An Inside Sales Approach to Crushing Your QuotaCreating sales engagement means creating awareness, curiosity, and an impetus to act. You have long known that the higher the level of awareness and curiosity, the stronger the likelihood of engagement, and ultimately, the more likelihood to close a sale.

Successful sales start with Sphere of Influence Selling because it encourages dialog, obtains open communication, and enables a mutual exchange of ideas to determine if you and your prospect are a good match.

Ready to start Sphere of Influence Selling? Here are the necessary steps.

Step 1: Do the Research

Sphere of Influence requires upfront work. You not only need to understand the prospect’s topic of interest, but you need a knowledge of their internal power structure, and who you want to contact within that structure. Sphere of Influence techniques start with identifying multiple names, titles and emails. This is a due diligence step that every good sales professional should do.

Start with your ideal buyer. From there, determine the user, the champion, the decision maker, and the economic buyer. Since each organization has a different structure, the only way to determine the contacts is with research.

Step 2: Leave a Voicemail

Armed with the necessary contact information, the next step is to approach the prospect with a series of voicemails and emails designed to create a Sphere of Influence around the identified contacts you wish to engage. For example:

“Amanda, this is Dan from ABC Company, I’m reaching out to you, and based on my research, I’m also reaching out to Joe, Matt and Jen, people you work with to determine who’s best to begin my conversation with about the topic of a better quality process.  I’ll be sending you all an email hoping to get some feedback from you as to where you recommend that I begin my effort to engage.  Feel free to call me or email me.”

Step 3: Send an Email

Your email will be similar to your voicemail approach. Include the standard elements of a quality introduction, as well as making sure to:

  • Clearly show that you are CCing others and make reference in the initial sentence of the email that you are doing so
  • Draw attention to the voicemail that compliments your email
  • Note that you are attempting to identify who best in your organization to connect with regarding your product or service

The third point is the most important because it gives the prospect a next step. At the same time, other decision makers and influencers are aware of you and will be curious as to the results of any conversations that take place.

Albeit simple, the clear CC of email addresses, the mention of other intended parties, and the request to find the best contact in the organization, are big impact items.

Step 4: Involve Multiple Contacts from the Start

Oftentimes salespeople put themselves in a corner. They make a call, they’re relentless, they leave voicemails, emails, etc., but all of that effort is for one contact. You build a relationship and leave it up to that person to tell you, after you’ve built some rapport, if your solution is valuable.

Sphere of Influence is all about leaving a voicemail and an email to multiple contact points at an organization, with the intention to identify the best person in the organization to move the process along. You are not putting all your eggs in one basket, and you have plenty of other people to contact if one goes dark.

While this concept is an amalgamation and a customization of Forbes top 25 and top 50 sales training resources, as well as my own sales best practices, it can result in killer sales results for you and your organization. Take what you’ve learned and package and architect it to create your own sales practice.

Would you rather focus on three or four quality calls a day or blast through over 80 or 100 calls a day? The choice is yours and the results will speak for themselves. Do your due diligence and start closing more deals.

Get more details on this type of selling in the ebook, Sphere of Influence Selling: An Inside Sales Approach to Crushing Your Quota.

Sphere of Influence Selling: An Inside Sales Approach to Crushing Your Quota

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