The Characteristics of a Marketing Automation Expert

What does it take to be a marketing automation expert? They are a marketer working at the intersection of sales, marketing and technology. The marketing automation expert is not an engineer, but has learned how technology systems work, can handle databases, and understands the impact of marketing automation across the organization. Here are the characteristics…

10 Quick Tips to Rock Your Marketing Automation Program

Whether you’re just starting your marketing automation journey or you’re ramping up to crush next quarter’s goals, there are some solid tips and tricks to achieve marketing automation success. I’ve worked in marketing automation for a number of years, and while success requires a lot of moving parts, these tips will help you get there.
1. Ensure alignment
The best project outcomes happen when the project lead is embedded within Marketing and works at the intersection of Marketing, Sales, and Technology. This ensures alignment across disciplines.

9 Lessons for Marketing Automation Newbies

According to a report by Software Advice, 91% of marketing automation buyers were evaluating marketing automation for the first time in 2013. So if you’re new to marketing automation, you’re not alone, and there’s help.

We teamed up with Josh Hill, Marketo lead at Perkuto, to share best practices and insights for starting out in marketing automation in the ebook, The Newcomer’s Guide to Marketing Automation. Check it out, but for the quick highlights, here are nine lessons from that ebook.

How to Administer a Marketing Automation System

As an administrator of Marketo, or any marketing automation system, you have power to do many things. The wise use this power carefully, delegating some of it to trusted marketers.

Security and Users of Marketing Automation

Administrators must decide on the Roles and Users to be allowed access. If you have ever administered a CRM or another critical system, you should treat Marketo the same. Marketo contains confidential data on your customers and prospects, including their email addresses – a valuable commodity on the black market. I recommend the following roles and users. The table is particular to Marketo, but the idea is applicable to other systems as well.