5 Ways to Get Motivated When Making Recruiting Calls

Have you ever found yourself looking at a phone that weighed forty pounds? Have you ever started your morning sitting at your desk, knowing that you need to make your sales and recruiting calls, but you just didn’t seem to have the mojo needed to get on the phone and start smiling and dialing?

Yeah, happens to me all the time. So I try to build in systems that I can follow to change my state from one of indifference or fear to invincibility and excitement.

Why Your Inside Sales Reps Should Not Be Rookies

Today, only the most experienced sales reps are in field sales, meeting the customers in person. The junior salespeople are placed in inside sales, tied to their phones and emails for all customer and prospect communication. In theory, this makes sense, after all, most organizations want their best salespeople sitting in the room with the…

7 Tips to Becoming a Sales Voicemail Genius

What is the secret to sales success? Lots of practice. This bit of wisdom applies to every area of our lives, as most of us know by this point in our careers. Any real success has been the result of doing it over and over again, and this includes sales calls and sales voicemails. However, all too…

How to Win Over Prospects During the First Sales Call

For over a decade, I’ve must have had thousands of sales calls with sales and marketing executives looking for better business prospects and contact information to power their revenue-driving initiatives. Why they come to us is a topic that can fuel numerous writings and musings – and can be addressed at another time. I want to address a consistent theme that underlines many of these inquiries and conversations, and leaves me scratching my perplexed head.
The Initial Sales Call
After some preliminary dialog and information exchange, the conversation usually transitions to something like this:

Prospect: “Because we sell the latest and greatest solutions to manage enterprise network infrastructure, we want to build a list of the Director of Network Security at the top 5,000 companies. Can you help us?”

Response: “What seems to be the problem?”

Prospect: “We have tried all of the ‘traditional’ sources of buying or licensing lists; subscribing to the online contact databases offered by our CRM provider, etc., and none have the quality nor specific contacts we are targeting.”