Why Unique Entry in Salesforce is So Amazing

I’ve been working with nonprofits using Salesforce since 2006. In my first experience with Salesforce I was as an employee of a nonprofit organization using Salesforce.  I now work with KELL Partners, a consulting firm that implements and supports Salesforce-based solutions at nonprofit organizations. If I took a poll of organizations I’ve worked with and asked them “What is your top pain point in Salesforce that’s the most difficult to solve?”, I think the answer would be the same across the board: finding, managing and preventing duplicate records.

No harried nonprofit staffer sits down at their desk and thinks, “I’m going to create some duplicate records because I have nothing better to do.” If they knew they were wasting their time creating a duplicate record, they wouldn’t do it. One less duplicate to worry about later. This is why Unique Entry 2.0 is so amazing.