A Panel of Marketo Champions Discuss AI & Personalization

On This Week’s Data Hero Panel: 

Brooke Bartos

2x Marketo Champion | Revvie Finalist-Marketer of the Year | Fearless 50 Marketer 

Chelsea Kiko

3x Marketo Champion | Revvie Finalist-Champion of the Year | Fearless 50 Marketer 

Elliott Lowe

3x Marketo Champion | Marketing Ops Expert | Head of Marketing Technology at RingLead 

Podcast Sneak Peek: Personalization in Your Marketing Campaigns

Check out this sneak peek of the first #talkdatatome panel where three Marketo Champions sit down with moderator Grant Greene to discuss personalization, leveraging data enrichment for target accounts, using inferred data in marketing campaigns, and more.


Elliott Lowe: Grant, also … I’d like to ask them about personalization as a trend and even using AI to achieve that which now Marketo with Adobe combination is moving in that direction. What do you guys see … have you started to play with that or are you planning anything with that?

Brooke Bartos: Not anything around content AI just yet. I wouldn’t be surprised to see, especially some of my enterprise clients head in that direction. We haven’t gotten there just yet. With the personalization, we’ve done a lot beyond just your standard “Dear John” in an email address, or in an email. That’s gone into how the language is in the email, it’s gone into how the images are in the emails, and a lot of that can be more either industry or company related. But then also incorporating personalization on the website, whether that’s geography based or industry based, company size, I mean any of that sort of thing …

Grant: Are you using tools to incorporate personalization on the website or is it just Marketo or?

Brooke Bartos: Yeah. So I’ve used Marketo’s tool, I’ve also used Demandbase to do some on-site personalization so kind of a mix of both.

Chelsea Kiko: We deal with Demandbase as well.

Brooke Bartos: Yeah.

Chelsea Kiko: Yeah.

Elliott Lowe: And the data that you use … how do obtain that data?

Brooke Bartos: Yeah so it depends on what tool you’re using. You can either go off some of the Marketo data that exist there already or leverage information like reverse IP look-ups … inferred region, inferred city, that sort of thing. So if you have existing data on that person you can get much more granular …

Elliott Lowe: Sure.

Brooke Bartos: Or more detailed with the personalization than if you just know, hey this person’s from company X. Or this person’s located in Washington, D.C.

Elliott Lowe: And that’s really the challenge because you don’t want to ask them 60 questions in forms right?

Brooke Bartos: Right.

Elliott Lowe: So how do you buildup that dossier of background information that allows you to personalize, highly personalize your communications with the individual. Is that something where you … do you contract externally with somebody to research accounts and come back with a profile of the account and the people? So you use online sources to build up your data? How do you do that?

Brooke Bartos: We do a lot of enrichment with some digital platforms online and then work with our sales team to determine … what are some of your target accounts? So something like Demandbase you can do site personalization but you can also do targeted ads around that. At my previous company, we actually used that where we would advertise to companies and we would say, hey here’s how, insert your company name here, can save 33% of design time … something like that. When you’re scrolling through your feed, and when you’re on Google display network, you’re on CNN or whatever your news site is for the day … and all of a sudden you see an ad that’s got your company name in it, it catches your eye. So we saw really good results from that.

Elliott Lowe: Interesting.

Brooke Bartos: Whether we knew that person or not, but then if we knew that person we could enrich some of the data on that and then follow that up with really targeted communications.

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