TalkDataToMe -- Brooke Bartos Talks Marketing Ops with James Buckley

This Week’s Data Hero: 

Brooke Bartos

2x Marketo Champion | Revvie Finalist-Marketer of the Year | Fearless 50 Marketer 

Podcast Sneak Peek: Identifying the True Source of a Lead

TalkDataToMe -- Brooke Bartos Talks Marketing Ops with James Buckley

Check out this sneak peek of Brooke’s episode of the #talkdatatome podcast where she sits down with host James Buckley to discuss how preserving person source in Marketo can help you better understand where your strongest leads are coming from.

On the full episode of the #talkdatatome podcast, Brooke explores some popular marketing ops topics like:

  • data wins and losses
  • the Marketo Champion Community
  • the state of data privacy legislations and its impact on marketers
  • tactical ideas around Marketo tokens
  • attribution
  • CRM-MAP alignment
  • and more!

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Brooke Bartos: Yeah. Well, with the person’s source, so often I find that either people aren’t putting anything there so you get a lot of blank or unknown or they might put in something as a person source like website, email. And that doesn’t tell us much about that person, where they came from, where their journey started.

James Buckley: What they clicked on.

Brooke Bartos: Yeah. And if you can put the right things in place to begin with, normalize your data and retain that original source. And that’s the key. A lot of people tend to write over that each time an interaction occurs.

James Buckley: Data attrition.

Brooke Bartos: Yup. And so if you lose that original point, you lose the ability to look back and say not only where am I generating the most volume of leads, but what are actually the ones going on to become closed won. And those are not always the same thing, because you might get a big volume that are just mediocre leads tends to be a lot of trash or you might get a really small volume, but they’re really high quality. Those are your big deals. Those are your ones that close quickly. That’s maybe where you might want to focus more of your attention and growing that volume.

James Buckley: Yeah, that’s certainly the meat of it all, right? Is what’s working the best and how can I rinse, lather, and repeat there? That’s certainly a huge focus for folks in your position.