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MCG Health Increases Sales Conversion & Email Deliverability Rates

So some of the issues that we were experiencing, it probably goes without saying it was a lot of bad data. Our Salesforce instance is 15 years old or so, so we’ve got data going back to 2003, 2004. So you can imagine the data decay that happens over a 15 year period.

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So we, our database generally size-wise about 120,000 contacts, 20,000 plus accounts. I, as I recall when we first did kind of the first batch of deduplication, you know, we did nine or 10,000 duplicates just within the first, you know, run of the various tasks that we created.


Database deduping — used in justice marc benioff retweet video  – show removed 20,000 duplicates, have it stay in the same place when broll exits



So in, in terms of the immediate impact of removing all those duplicates, , I, I don’t know the exact numbers, but I’m certain that our deliverability of emails went up significantly. 


Lets show a cool little email icon with email deliverbiliy, with  a graph arrow indicating increase in 


The ability of our inside sales team to make contacts correct contacts more quickly and more efficiently was definitely a result of the deduplication because it allowed them, you know, they’re making calls to the right people at the right organizations, right? 




Testimonial | MCG Healthcare