Andrew Gaffney has done research stating that 80% of corporate purchases are unbudgeted and unplanned. What are the trigger events that result in a sales purchase? Here are the ABCs of trigger events.

​The ABCs of Trigger Sales Events

A is for Awareness

The A is what most of us try already: Awareness. This is what you create. If you give a stranger a really good idea, it will gets borrowed and given to somebody else.

B is for Bad Experience

The B stands for the moment when a prospect has a bad experience with their current provider. Explain what you do, and note that the bad experience is what the competition does. The hard part about a bad experience trigger is sometimes you don’t know when it happens. Therefore, it’s hard to capitalize on.

C is for Change

I’m a big fan of the C of trigger events. This is when there’s a change in people, change in places, or change in priorities. If awareness is what we do, and bad experience is what the competition does, than change actually happens inside our customers or our prospects.

People that are new in their job, decision makers at almost every level, go in and make change happen. And they want to make it happen fast. 80% of decision makers spend a million dollars or more in new initiatives in their first 90 days. And 40% of all decision makers make those decisions in the first 90 days. Therefore, basically you’ve got to reach someone in the first three months.

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​The ABCs of Trigger Sales Events

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