Picture this.

Your reps are calling on a list of leads and every introduction sounds something like this:

“Hi James. It’s Rick from RingLead. I’m calling to tell you how RingLead….blah, blah, blah.”

Your reps are calling on incomplete records. No direct dials, no social links and no validated email address.

Now, picture it sounding more like this:

“Hi James! Congratulations on your recent promotion to VP of Marketing at Broadlook! How’re things going at the New York City office?”

Now, your reps are calling on enriched records with social links, direct dials, company websites and more. Equipped with a 360° view of their leads, your reps are personalizing their messages and as a result, observing higher connection rates, shorter sales cycles, and higher conversion rates.

It’s the magic of enrichment. DMS Enrichment enriches data in 3 fundamental ways:

  • In batch, on existing leads, contacts and accounts in your database
  • On lists, via list uploads
  • On web forms, using RingLead’s Intelligent Web Forms

Our Intelligent Web Forms tool solves the ongoing war between sales and marketing. Marketing wants shorter forms and lower form abandonment rates. Sales wants all the data they can get for higher connection and conversion rates. Learn more about RingLead’s Intelligent Web Forms in this ebook.

“RingLead’s Intelligent Web Forms tool bridges the gap between a marketer’s desire for shorter web forms, and a rep’s desire for more complete records,” said Akshay Walvekar, Intelligent Web Forms’ lead developer.

“Our forms have a simple 3-step implementation process and can be integrated with any form–Marketo, Salesforce, Eloqua, you name it. I’m thrilled about this release and I’m confident our customers will see the immediate value our forms offer.”



To receive a free personalized demo of RingLead’s DMS Enrichment with Intelligent Web Forms, please contact us today.

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