A job in tech sales can be one of the most lucrative jobs of your life. The market is growing faster than ever and tech companies have some of the highest paying positions of any company with a sales team. But with a massive turnover rate with the sales industry in general, there’s always open positions and room for you to start in a new position.

However, interviewing for these positions can be a stress-inducing nightmare and the industry can feel near-impossible to break into. The products are complicated, the networks are brand new and often exclusionary, and there’s high demand for people that have been selling tech way longer than you have.

We’re here to help. Here’s five ways that you can clinch an interview for sales tech.


  • Know what makes the product stand out


Programming is the language of the future and with hundreds of helpful softwares for every imaginable industry, there are dozens of free or cheap imitators. But you need to need to know how to sell the thing you’re getting hired for. Look into what makes the company’s products better than the free alternatives. Specifically, go in knowing about the user interface, the design and the efficiency of the software, so the interviewer can spend less time discussing that and more time discussing you and your background.


  • Explain what have you sold / worked on in a similar product


Find the closest related thing to the product that you’re selling that you’ve worked with previously. Even if it wasn’t for sales or a job at all, flaunt your stuff and talk about your experience and how that will make you adjust easier to the product that you’re selling. It’s your job to know the software inside and out and the faster you know how it works, the faster you’re selling and the faster your potential employer is going to make a profit.


  • Know what you can bring that will make you better than the competitors


Before you interview, research the competition thoroughly. Know what the company’s competition is doing and what you think the “other guys” are doing poorly so that you can emphasize what is better about your interviewer’s products. This will translate directly towards selling more in the future and will highlight a little bit of your sales skills during the actual interview.


  • Think about what can you bring from your outside life


If you have any hobbies that deal with tech or working and negotiating with other people, make sure they’re brought up during the interview. A hobby or experience that can directly help with selling more can give you an edge that might not be immediately visible on your resume or cover letter.


  • Research, Research, Research


This is an evergreen skill that translates to every interview you’ll ever have for every position, but it’s especially important when selling a product you have to know every which way. Research the company and its history. Research the interviewer and their history. Especially research the product and how it works beforehand. Somebody who’s knowledgeable can out-interview the most charismatic person on earth if they didn’t do their research beforehand.


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