If you’re looking for customer or prospect data, it’s probably already on the internet. One big mistake that organizations make in sales or marketing prospecting is that they think they’ll need input from their current and potential customers in order to complete their list building processes.

This is incorrect.

The internet’s tendency to grab and source user information can be your greatest asset for list building techniques. In many cases, finding this information can be as simple as spending a day digging through LinkedIn and looking for any listed phone numbers or other contact information.

Whether they are “in the know” or not, social media is the greatest thing to ever happen to sales and marketing teams. Never before has such a rich information bank, which actively encourages users to post everything from contact data to buying habits, been publically available for the world to see. But most importantly for you, it’s ready to extract.

Just one social media profile could have everything from a direct dial phone number, which is the fastest way to get in contact with somebody, to a personal email address, which will have significantly higher open rates than work email addresses. And this isn’t even accounting for the fact that most people tend to have accounts on multiple social media sites.

But doing this manually is costly, time-consuming and a waste of resources. Luckily, there’s a data intelligence tool that can grab all of this information from over three dozen online resources, including all major social media sites.

RingLead DMS Capture can generate thousands of leads with just one button. This will include their verified contact information, which will have everything from a direct dial phone number to a personal email address, so long as it’s listed somewhere on the internet.

For a free trial with $500 worth of credits, fill out the web form on the side of the page.

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