RingLead is the industry’s only end-to-end cloud-based solution to automate data operations and processes inside of Salesforce and marketing automation platforms. RingLead solves the challenges of duplicate data, non-standardized data, incomplete contact and account data, and improper lead routing.

But instead of telling you, let us show you how the RingLead Platform works to clean, protect, and enhance CRM and MarTech data.

Full Funnel

← Data Enters your CRM or Marketing Automation Platform

RingLead cleans data at all entry points like web-to-lead, list import, API, and manual entry. 

← Data Enrichment

RingLead enriches incoming records with fresh, accurate data sourced from more than a dozen of the industry’s top data vendors.

← Normalization 

RingLead’s advanced normalization technology ensures all new data looks the same throughout your organization.

← Deduplication 

RingLead has the industry’s most powerful duplicate identification and matching technology. 

← Email Validation

RingLead validates email addresses on all incoming leads so you never fall prey to spam traps.

← Lead Routing 

RingLead’s intelligent routing solution ensures the right leads gets to the right rep every time. 

Data Enrichment

RingLead Enrich works like a refinery for your data, turning crude records into actionable profiles and targets with fresh, accurate information. Append your customer data with more than 150 demographic and firmographic attributes to help you get unprecedented levels of personalization in your outreach and messaging. 

With custom data packages and all you can eat enrichment options, RingLead is the most flexible and comprehensive data enrichment solution around. Why deal with multiple vendors when RingLead consolidates them into a one-stop data hub?


You should never lose revenue opportunities because of typos or non-standard data. RingLead’s proprietary normalization technology maintains uniform field names like job titles, company, URL, city, state, phone number, and name.

With RingLead, you can convert to proper case, standardize job titles, expand abbreviations, correct email domains, and much more. Empower your sales and marketing teams with standardized data for better lead scoring, segmentation, and routing.


Every Salesforce and Marketo database suffers from the duplicate data epidemic. RingLead Cleanse uses proprietary deduplication and bulk action technology to provide users with the industry’s most powerful data cleansing tools available.

Leverage 46+ fuzzy matching rules and patented merge technology to dedupe records without the restrictions of strict matching logic. Get total flexibility in your dedupe process with standard object, cross-object, and custom object deduplication.

RingLead also automates the process of converting leads to contacts at matching accounts so never have to do it manually ever again. 

Email Address Validation

Avoid the negative effects of bad email addresses by validating incoming leads before your team takes action. 

When a lead enters your CRM or marketing automation system, RingLead performs real-time email verification and validation to let users know if the inbound lead email is valid. 

Increase email deliverability, avoid spam traps, maintain sender score, and regain confidence in your email lists with RingLead.

Lead Routing

Assigning leads to the right rep in a timely fashion is crucial to conversion rates. RingLead automates the process based on customizable routing rules and scenarios so your team is always ready to take action.

RingLead Route capitalizes on the prerequisite processes of lead-to-account linking, normalization, deduplication, validation, and enrichment so you can route with precision and accuracy.

Whether your organization routes leads based on territory, industry, company size, round-robin, or any other criteria, RingLead Route has it covered.

Assign incoming leads to the right owner every time with customizable routing workflows, rules, and field updates.

Ready to experience the synergy of an end-to-end data quality platform?


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