Everybody’s got a business for everything these days. There’s six different ways to call a cab now and an immeasurable number of stores for the latest food trends. You can even rent dogs for an hour now if that’s your thing. So as a new small business, it might seem like it’s impossible to make a name for yourself. But don’t get lost in the small business and startup tsunami. You can stand out by doing some of the things below.

  1. Know Google – In case you’ve been living in a hole in the ground for the past 15 years. People find things over the internet now. To stay relevant as a business, you’re going to have to know how to get yourself up higher on a Google search. If you’re a tech newbie, this is referred to as search engine optimization (SEO). When used correctly, this can be a massive boost to your small business. There’s a bunch of free tip guides out there that can get your company to the top of a local Google search for [your business type here] near me and in turn get more people hearing your name in your local area.
  1. Dominate a niche – Corporate behemoths are everywhere. At times, it can feel impossible to go up against the corporate giant of your industry when they already have all the right connections and all the right clients that have made them as big as they are. One possibility is finding a niche market. A niche market is a smaller subset of a market that has more specific, but not necessarily exclusionary needs and interests. Marketing yourself to one can go miles for brand recognition and getting customers that aren’t already swept up by the heavy hitters of your field to buy products that they haven’t considered before.
  1. Always be researching new contacts – Let’s be honest. Nobody is going to come to you when you just start a new small business. You’re (probably) not getting any publicity on the local news and you definitely aren’t getting your own Forbes article without so much as a single customer. It’s up to you to find your next customers, so understand your local markets and put in the effort to market yourself. And if your clientele is going to be on LinkedIn, or really anywhere on the internet, you can try DMS Capture immediately to find you new leads and help you find your next most loyal customer today.

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