Every Friday RingLead shuts its doors early for happy hour with the team.

With our new performance-based culture in place, our team works relentlessly all week to achieve and exceed measurable expectations. Our weekly happy hour is a time to unwind and celebrate the accomplishments of the week. With our company doubling in size this year, taking a moment to get out of the office and bond with new and old teammates is an essential part of our strategy for success.

The RingLead Team at Changing Times in Farmingdale.

At RingLead, we believe team bonding encourages communication and collaboration, and improves the overall company culture and morale. We’re all about open-spaces, collaborative brainstorming and teamwork at our headquarters office in Melville, NY. You’ll often find RingLead CEO Chris Hickey at one of our conference tables, surrounded by team members, both in person and on video, tackling a project head-on. Friday night happy hour is when our departments–development, support, sales, marketing and design, finance, human resources, and management–all get together to reflect on the week’s progress, and share ideas for next week. Last week we visited Changing Times in Farmingdale and enjoyed some much needed team bonding and open collaboration.

With offices in Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Seattle, Hawaii and Israel, we know out-of-state team members can’t make it to every happy hour, or every meeting. To keep them engaged, we routinely fly them to New York for in-person collaboration, project planning, and of course, out-of-office team building. We also keep all lines of communication open with every single employee with a nightly company-wide video call.

Since we’ve started focusing on team bonding, we’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in how our team operates. We find our team is more efficient, supportive and creative. More team members are meeting their individual expectations and are more invested in the team’s success as a whole. The focus on team work has made our successes more enjoyable by all.

Don’t believe that team bonding is worth the time and investment? Just look at those smiling faces.

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