RingLead recently joined Marketo Launchpoint, a platform for marketers to find solutions and apps to enhance and extend the functionality of Marketo's marketing automation and demand generation platform. RingLead has been working with customers since 2004, has become synonymous with data quality in the CRM space, and shares quite a few customers with Marketo.

We were honored to be invited to join this program for three reasons:

Reason 1: Marketo is an exciting company to work with.

Marketo was recently named the fastest-growing company in Silicon Valley for good reason: their demand generation and lead nurturing platform is one of the most powerful tools that marketers can get their hands on.  The atmosphere surrounding Marketo is super-exciting as CEO Phil Fernandez prepares to navigate the company through it's upcoming IPO and into a future where Marketo will continue to carry out it's primary mission: eliminate cold-calling forever.

Reason 2: Data quality goes hand-in-hand with marketing automation.

Very frequently long-time customers of RingLead decide to roll out a marketing automation system, and of course Marketo comes up a lot.  Fortunately for our customers, they're ahead of the game when they go to roll out a marketing automation system.  Many times, a database cleanse is required prior to flipping the switch on the platform.  

Marketers feel the pain that duplicate records can cause – increased bounce rates on old, outdated or incorrect e-mail addresses, automation & drip nurturing tied to the wrong record in CRM, and, of course, the overall result: inaccurate marketing metrics.

Reason 3: Their marketing team cracks us up.

The main reason that our marketing team looks to Marketo for ideas on demand generation, content development, social media strategy and more.   Another key reason that we keep close tabs on their social media channels is because they consistently churn out hilarious, marketing-related content which usually includes a good meme or two each day.

If you haven't already, make sure you check out Jason Miller's blog post on how to use memes for lead generation and buzz building.  


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